Yokogawa Invests in Web Synergies to Expand Global Digital Transformation Capabilities

Yokogawa Electric Corporation and Web Synergies (S) Pte. Ltd. (“Web Synergies”) announce that Yokogawa Electric has invested in Web Synergies, a Singapore-based company that provides IT and integrated IT and operational technology (OT) solutions. Yokogawa and Web Synergies have been successfully collaborating on solutions and services for internal and external digital transformation (DX) engagements for more than ten years. This equity participation will enhance this collaboration and complement Yokogawa’s DX engineering capabilities to support the development of integrated IT/OT portfolios and the shift to the cloud.
The investment will enable Yokogawa to expand its DX operations by leveraging Web Synergies’ expertise and capacity to deliver cloud services, enterprise data management and integration services, and IT/OT security enhancement to its customers.
It will also allow Web Synergies to accelerate its geo-expansion plans to strategically establish its operations in the Middle East, Europe, and North America. These offices will act as centers for business development as well as to drive training programs and develop superior IT/OT talent, thereby enabling digital transformation operations to easily access a large pool of fully qualified professionals.
“For Yokogawa and for our customers, this equity participation is about accelerating the application of digital technology such as our Yokogawa Cloud platform to optimize processes, empower people, and achieve a step-change in business performance,” said Yukihiro Funyu, a Yokogawa Electric vice president and head of the Digital Strategy Headquarters and DX-Platform Center. “Our work with Web Synergies will support our customers’ transformation into digital enterprises and realize the transformation of business-to-business transactions to form a system of systems.”
“We believe the Yokogawa and Web Synergies partnership will further enhance our teams’ ability to support customer digital transformation journeys towards sustainable, smart, and autonomous operations regionally and globally,” added Gideon Lim, Founder & CEO, Web Synergies. “This, in turn, will help us design, develop, and implement industry bleeding-edge DX solutions to create next-generation digital workplaces and enterprises with seamless connectivity.”


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