Toon assorted dumplings’ way to make Toon Assorted dumplings


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\”Toon is the buds on the toon tree, each year Gu Yu emits tender buds before and after, and can be picked into various dishes. Eating often can improve immunity and have good health care effects. Toon is a pet dish on the spring table, no matter how you eat it, don’t miss it! \”[123 ]

ingredients details



  • Pork filling 200g
  • Angle Several
  • A small piece
  • Sevel

  • ] Several
  • Dumpling skin

  • 200g
  • Auxiliary material

[ 123] Scallion




  • ]

Edible oil

A moderate amount

A little
    cooking wine

  • A little
  • Nickname

  • Affairs
  • Lao Suo

  • A little Shisanxiang
  • A little

  • salt A moderate amount
  • Boil process
  • One hour takes time Advanced Difficulty

The practice of Toono Assorted dumplings

  • 1
  • In order to be more delicious, put the pork filling in a piece of green onion, a little raw soy sauce and cooking wine, and chop it again.


  • 剁好的肉馅,放入适量的香油、生抽、老抽、十三香、 Salt and stirring.

  • Pour the appropriate amount , Then remove and throw away.

  • 4

  • Pour the oil on the meat filling while it is hot, quickly stir in one direction.

  • 5

  • Put clean water, a few drops of oil and a little salt in the pot, wash the toon, and then simmer the toon after the water is boiled. For a few minutes of water, when you can move, you can get cold water, chop it, and put it in the meat filling.

  • 6

  • The fungus, carrots and green onions soaked in advance, chopped it into the meat filling.

  • 7

  • Add an appropriate amount of salt clockwise and stir well.

  • 8

  • The buying dumpling skin, wipe the water in the outer circle in advance, and start making dumplings.

  • 9

  • Add half a pot of water in the pot, add a little salt to prevent the dumplings from sticking together. Put the dumplings into the pot one by one, cover the lid, boil the pan, pour some cold water, continue to cover the pot and cook, and repeat three times.

  • 10

  • The dumplings are cooked, and the pan is out of the pan.

    It will be more fragrant when the oil is burned and mixed on the meat filling. Eat, and dumplings are juicy.