Tiella brings to you divine and authentic European dishes with its exquisitely curated sharing platt

Tiella’ brings forth an unmissable- delectable experience for the tastebuds. A sure hit for food enthusiasts, the joint is perfect for those craving authentic European cuisine from the comfort of their homes.
Launched by mother-daughter duo Vidhi and Sonal Taneja, Tiella translates to an authentic dish served in Southern Italy; resonating with the brand’s essence of providing bona fide dishes amidst a delivery concept.
Choose from a plethora of palatable dishes like the Bolognese Pasta – it is a dream for the pasta lovers doused with minced meat, tomatoes, herbs and wine. The Fettuccine in Truffle Emulsion is luxe on a plate while the Gnocchi is cloud-like, soft and melts in the mouth. Pizzas to die for include the Three Cheese Pizza, Regina Margherita and the Pepperoni Pizza.
Perfect for a High Tea, their juicy burgers with tender buns and mouth-melting patties along with the perfect combination of Sandwiches is a dream for those leading a fast-paced life, dreaming to dig into divine dishes. Reminisce their perfectly curated Sharing platters including the Meze Platter and the Triple Fries Basket topping off with a glass of the flavourful Cold Brew with rich caffeine aroma!
Leaving you spoilt for choice, each and every dish on the menu is made with love and care using fresh and premium ingredients. With food so great delivered to your doorstep, you will surely be able to bring a pocketful of sunshine and a flavourful surprise to your taste buds!
Located in Shahpur Jat, the cloud kitchen is operational to delve into 7 days a week, 12 pm to 12 am. 
Skedaddle on a palatable journey to Italy with Tiella’s lip-smacking European delicacies!


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