This Father’s Day, Bring Home a Feast; Fill his Day with Flavourful Treats from Snackstar!

A very famous saying, going around for decades now says, that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” With Father’s Day being right around the corner; What better way to make your fathers feel special than by gifting him some yummy treats from around the world that he might be missing out because of the lockdown?
Snackstar is India’s FIRST online store bringing straight to your doorstep a world full of scrumptious sweet, savoury and sour snacks at fabulous prices! 
Be it Vanilla Cola or flavoured Fantas, Luscious Lindt Chocolates or fabulous Ferrero Rochers, Creamy Nutella Spreads or Crispy Dorito Chips, Sweet and Sour Skittles or juicy Vidal Jellies- patrons can find it all on Snackstar- a place where delicious dreams come true.
Here are a few delicacies you could gift your father this Father’s Day:
  • Tiffany Papa Joe Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn: With the pandemic raging outside and going to the cinemas being nothing short of a dream; pop a good 90s classic on the TV and cuddle your dad with Tiffany’s best Papa Joe Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn making it for the perfect movie night in.  
  • Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen Stew Type Instant Noodles: For the globetrotter father missing his travels. He can’t travel to Korea right now, but you can definitely bring Korea to him with the Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen.
  • Betty Crocker Star Wars Fruit Flavoured Snacks: The perfect breakfast to serve your father on Father’s Day which will send him reminiscing down the memory lane thinking about his childhood
  • Toblerone Crunchy Almonds Bar: A perfect balance of sweet with a bit of a crunch just like how a father is; sweet but also always there to set us straight if we do something wrong.
  • Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese Dinner Cup: A classic meal for the classic man. Mac & Cheese is a timeless dish and the perfect quick dinner fix for the father who likes to keep his dinner quick and tasty.
With a wide range of over 1000 snacks to choose from, Snackstar adds new products onto their website every single month, and also carries a snack request page- wherein customers can share their cravings leading the brand to try sourcing as many of those products as possible.
One of a kind packaging- Standing out from its competitors, Snackstar uses proprietary temperature-controlled materials to ensure all the packages reach customers in the best condition possible. Delivering all across 17000 pin codes in India, a customer’s order is delivered in the best condition within merely 7 days.
Orders can easily be placed via the brand’s website-, or through a smartphone app available on iOS, assuring a seamless user experience. Customers can track their package’s dispatch, shipping, and delivery in real-time or speak with the dedicated support staff available round the clock. Snackstar’s superior packaging ensures that all food items are delivered in perfect condition.


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