The practice of zucchini chicken egg cakes

\”I have made a lot of cakes, because the hands of the hand soon also love to eat. As long as the materials are changed, there can be a lot of different cakes. You can put chicken, shrimp, pork, sandwich fish meat, etc. It will also be different,
I suggest you buy one name for novice mothers. I give you the proportion of food as long as these cakes are made according to grams, and they can be successful. Some people fail. The burning is black, or the formula ratio is wrong, it is not delicious or not formed, etc.
So if you want to be 100 % successful, then buy a name to ensure success.
Today this is a chicken that adds chicken The zucchini is a bit sweet, the chicken is also very tender, and the mushroom powder is added. It tastes very delicious even if it does not add taste. Take the cake! Exercise the chewing force \”

ingredients details
  • Flour 15g
  • Zuxu 60g
  • Chicken

  • 60g Egg
  • 2

  • ]

Auxiliary materials

Botanical oil

A moderate amount

  • shiitake mushroom powder [123 ] Appropriate amount
  • Original flavor

Fry crafts

Half hours

Simple simplicity Difficulty

  • The practice of the cucurbit chicken egg cake
1 [123 ] Chicken cut into pieces with ginger slices to remove fishy
  • 9个月以上西葫芦鸡肉蛋饼的做法步骤:1


    Peel the shredded silk

    [ 123]

  • 9个月以上西葫芦鸡肉蛋饼的做法步骤:2 3

    Put the zucchini, chicken, flour, shiitake mushroom powder in a bowl

    [ 123]

  • 4
    Add two eggs 9个月以上西葫芦鸡肉蛋饼的做法步骤:3

  • 5

  • All stirred

  • 6

  • Put a little oil in the pot. Do not burn the pot and fry it on both sides to golden yellowThat’s it.

    1. Chicken can be replaced with salmon and shrimp.You can also place some shrimp skin powder.


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