The practice of Zhuhou beef grilled kale

\”Zhuyu sauce is a classic sauce in Cantonese condiments. It is delicious and sweet. It can be cooked with various ingredients, especially meat. Among them The sauce can remove the flavor, increase the umami flavor, and increase appetite. It is an indispensable seasoning in Cantonese cuisine. I usually stir -fry beef. When you sauce, you often use this pillar sauce. The taste is quite good. Let’s take a look at a beef. \”

ingredients details
  • Beef 300 grams
  • Vibra 250 grams

Auxiliary material

Waiting Sauce

    A moderate amount



A moderate amount

  • Raw Fan Affairs
  • Peanut Oil Affairs
  • salty fresh flavor

Fried process

Half -hour time consumption

  • Advanced difficulty
  • Pillar beef beef grilled kale steps step

  • Wash beef and kale.

  • 2

  • Slice the beef.

  • 3

  • The mustard is cut into about 10 cm.


  • Stir the beef with raw soy sauce and raw powder, and then add an appropriate amount of water to allow the meat to absorb the meat. Finally Add edible oil, stir well and marinate for half an hour.

  • 柱侯牛肉扒芥蓝的做法步骤:4


  • Add water to boil in the pot, add an appropriate amount of salt and edible oil, and cooked the mustard into the pot.

  • 柱侯牛肉扒芥蓝的做法步骤:5


  • Cooked kale disk.

  • 柱侯牛肉扒芥蓝的做法步骤:6


  • Add another pot to add edible oil. Oil.

  • 柱侯牛肉扒芥蓝的做法步骤:7


  • The color of the beef will change immediately.

  • 柱侯牛肉扒芥蓝的做法步骤:8


  • Leave the bottom oil in the pot, sauté the garlic, add the pillar sauce and stir -fry, stir -fry beef and stir -fry evenlyThat’s OK.

  • 柱侯牛肉扒芥蓝的做法步骤:9


  • Put the fried beef on the kale.

  • 柱侯牛肉扒芥蓝的做法步骤:10

    1. Pay attention to the order of the seasoning when pickled beef.First add soy sauce and water, stir well with raw powder, and finally add peanut oil and mix well.

    2. The key to fried beef and smoothness is to add water when marinating.

  • 3. Add a little bit when adding water to let it absorb slowly.

4. The temperature of beef oil is 50 % hot, and the color will be picked up immediately.