The practice of Wuhan beef beef beef skin_How to make Wuhan beef bean skin


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[Wuhan’s Wuhan plot is very heavy. [ 123] Premature, naturally a very important thing every day.

There are many premature snacks in Wuhan. Go back every year. A breakfast is several. 123] Naturally, the hot and dry noodles are naturally favorite, but unfortunately you can’t buy alkali noodles outside, so you never do it.
Bean skin can be done by yourself. Although there is no big pot, make a small small pot for yourself The portion is okay.
Trouble is troublesome. But if you eat it, you can not just eat bean skin. It is also the nostalgia for my big Wuhan. \”

ingredients Details

Main ingredients

Bean skin

Two parts


  • 250g [123 ]
  • Auxiliary materials

shiitake mushrooms

Lu Qianzi [ 123] 2

  • Hour A pack
  • Fresh bamboo shoot
  • Nuomi

  • 75g [ 123] Mung beans
  • 150g

  • rice
  • 300g

  • Flour A little
  • Egg 2
  • Lart oil A moderate amount
  • ingredients
  • [ [
  • [] 123]

  • Raw soy sauce Affordable

Old Sanda

A moderate amount

Shaoxing wine

A moderate amount
    salt salt salt

  • 适量
  • 胡椒

  • 适量
  • 五香口味

  • 其他工艺[ 123] Time to take a day
  • Ordinary difficulty
  • The practice of Wuhan beef beef beef skin

  • 1

  • In the first day, rice, mung beans and glutinousThe rice is blown on the water.
  • Beef, Luganzi, shiitake mushrooms, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, Shaoxing wine are good, soak for one night.

  • The next day the rice and mung beans were added with a small amount of water.
  • 2
    Filter the rice muzzle with a sieve. If the concentration is not enough to make a complete dough, you can add a small amount of flour. 武汉牛肉豆皮的做法步骤:1


  • The glutinous rice is steamed. Use oil, warm water and salt low heat slowly.

  • 武汉牛肉豆皮的做法步骤:2


  • Beef, shiitake mushrooms, fresh bamboo shoots, Lu Ganzi diced. Use lard to slowly add brine to make them full of brine and fry them into fillings.

  • Taste the taste, you can add a biological soy sauce and salt in an appropriate amount.
    Add some pepper to the pan. 武汉牛肉豆皮的做法步骤:3

  • 5
    I use a 28cm diameter non -sticky pot. 武汉牛肉豆皮的做法步骤:4 Add lard and heat the pot. Change the low heat, scoop rice mule soy milk, and spread it into a skin.

    Waiting for the shape of the skin, the eggs are only on it, stirred it with a spatula, and covered with the entire skin.

    Wait for the egg skin to form, carefully turn the egg skin.

  • 6 武汉牛肉豆皮的做法步骤:5 Put the glutinous rice on the egg skin, don’t be too thick.

    Sprinkle the stuffing of the braised beef on the glutinous rice. The more you can wrap, the more the better, the better the taste.

    Finally, sprinkle some shallots.

    Fold the egg skin on all sides to the filling, turn the noodles, and place the complete side on the plate.

    Sprinkle some pepper and green onions.

  • 武汉牛肉豆皮的做法步骤:6 7

    Cut the bean skin into small pieces with a knife, which is more delicious.

    You can get on the table.

    Wuhan beef beef skin with absolute taste of fragrant spray!


  • 1. Do not give too much water in the beginning of rice mule soymilk, otherwise it will not be too thin and it will not be a noodle. Otherwise, you have to give too many noodles, not a \”bean\” skin.

  • 2. How to marine beef, dried seeds, and shiitake mushrooms. Mix it yourself or buy the well -equipped halogen according to personal taste. You can also add some other materials according to your favorite. 武汉牛肉豆皮的做法步骤:7

    3. The skin of the rice milk soybean milk is relatively soft, but once the egg stands, it is strong and can turn over.

    4. The bean skin on the streets of Wuhan will not be so particular. The stuffing is less fleshy. A large pot, a large piece of big, enough. I do it myself, there are more meat, one bean skin and one egg, which is even more enjoyable.

    5. The amount of materials also depends on how.So don’t completely follow the value I give.


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