The practice of winter melon ball soup


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\”The most successful ball made, no at all San, taste special Q bombs. Last night, a family dinner, this soup was on the table, you spoonful of me and a small bowl, instantly divided by everyone. \”

ingredients details

Main ingredients

  • A piece
  • Beef

  • [123 ] Winter melon
  • A large area

Auxiliary material





  • [ [ [
  • [

  • 123] Swear 1 tablespoon
  • Oyster sauce 1 tablespoon
  • 133] Appropriate amount
  • ]

  • Coriander A moderate amount
  • Ginger

Original flavor

[ 123] Cooking process

  • Half -hour time consumption
  • Ordinary difficulty
  • The practice of Donggua Maruko Decoction

[ 123]


  • Prepare raw materials: winter melon, pork (front groove meat, to bring a little fat), a piece of lean beef, chopped onion ginger and a little water , Soak for a while, make onion ginger water


    Wash the pork, bee

  • 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:2


    Stir into meat meal

  • 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:3

    Add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce, stir in one direction

  • 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:4

    Add the thirteen incense and soy sauce, stir in one direction

  • 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:5


    Add the onion ginger with a little bit Water (onion ginger house is not used), stir -filling the meat in one direction

  • 7 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:6 The stirring of the meat is not finished until smooth. To grab the meat balls, repeatedly beating into the basin, there will be some scattered balls at the beginning.

  • 8 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:7 Heat the pot, add a little light vegetable oil, and less a little bit is enough.

  • 9
    Add the water 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:8



    After the water is boiled, adjust to the minimum fire, and keep the water edge of the pot slightly foam. Take a small spoon, dip it in cold water, and make a spoonful of meat into a meatballs, gently go to the water. Each time you scoop the meat, dip the spoon to the cold water, so that the spoon can not be sticky, and the well -made balls are also smooth

  • 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:9


    After all the meatballs are done, the firepower is larger, and the fire is enough. Boil the soup and skim off the foam

  • 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:10


    Waiting for the meatballs to rise, add peeling and sliced \u200b\u200bwinter melon

  • 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:11 [123 ] 13

    Cook until the melon is transparent to the fire, sprinkle a little pepper, and get out of the pan.

  • 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:12 14

    Make the soup out of the soup, add some coriander leaves


    [ 123]

  • Tips

  • 1. It is not delicious to make stuffing with beef. When eating, it feels hard to emit firewood and add some fat pork. 冬瓜丸子汤的做法步骤:13 2. The meat must be beaten. After cooking, the meatballs will not disperse flowers even after cooking. The taste is particularly solid Q bomb when eating.


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