The practice of tomato juice radish beef casserole


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\”I like to eat green radish stewed beef, but the child Because the radish is slightly spicy and does not like to eat.

How can children like it?

I went to Luoyang some time ago, the most famous dish in Luoyang water seats The peony swallows are based on white radish, but you ca n’t eat radish flavor at all. The main reason is that this white radish is cut into silk and soaked with water.

] Inspired by this, try it with this method. The stewed tomato sauce, radish, beef and casserole can really not eat the spicy taste of green radish. Children like it very much. \”

The details of the ingredients ingredients

  • Main ingredients
  • Beef 1000 grams
  • Green radish 500g [123 ]


500 grams

Auxiliary material

  • Onion section [ 123] A moderate amount
  • Ginger Affairs
  • octagonal Affairs
  • Guipi Affairs [ 123]
  • Xiangye

  • A moderate amount
  • cooking wine

  • A moderate amount Sugar
  • A moderate amount

  • salt [ 123] A moderate amount
  • White pepper A moderate amount
  • Sour salty flavor

Boil craftsmanship

A few hours of time consumption

    Simple difficulty

  • Step of tomato juice radish beef and casserole


    1. Cut the beef into a piece of 1.5 cm to see square

  • 【茄汁萝卜牛肉砂锅】----适合孩子口味的一款汤煲的做法步骤:1

  • 【茄汁萝卜牛肉砂锅】----适合孩子口味的一款汤煲的做法步骤:2


    2. Add water in the pot

  • 【茄汁萝卜牛肉砂锅】----适合孩子口味的一款汤煲的做法步骤:3

    Clean the surface impurities and blood foam on the beef block

  • 【茄汁萝卜牛肉砂锅】----适合孩子口味的一款汤煲的做法步骤:4

    4. Pour the clean beef pieces into the casserole.Add green onions, ginger slices, star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, cooking wine, sugar, and then add water.Boil the fire and boil the heat for 1 hour

  • 【茄汁萝卜牛肉砂锅】----适合孩子口味的一款汤煲的做法步骤:5


    5. When cooking beef, the radish washedPure, peeling, and cutting knife, the size is equivalent to beef pieces.

  • 【茄汁萝卜牛肉砂锅】----适合孩子口味的一款汤煲的做法步骤:6


    6. Put the radish block into the water for 1 hour and change the water in the middle 3-4 times.

  • 【茄汁萝卜牛肉砂锅】----适合孩子口味的一款汤煲的做法步骤:7 7

    7. Wash the tomatoes, peel, cut into pieces

  • 【茄汁萝卜牛肉砂锅】----适合孩子口味的一款汤煲的做法步骤:8 8

    8. After cooking beef for 1 hour, add tomato pieces, radish pieces, and simmer for another hour.Add salt and white pepper to season