The practice of the Dragon Boat

\”The Dragon Boat Festival is here, the most lively but the dragon boat boat … Look at my dragon boat crossing^_^\”

The details of the ingredients

Main ingredients

[123 ]

Dragon Fruit


  • Fresh shrimp
  • 250 grams

  • Pineapple Affairs
  • Chicken 100 grams
  • Auxiliary material

Lemon juice [123 ] Appropriate amount

  • ingredients


A moderate amount

Cooking wine

A moderate amount

  • Swear A moderate amount
  • oyster sauce

  • A moderate amount
  • [ [ [
  • [ 123] Sour and salty flavor
  • Fried process

Half an hour consumption

Ordinary difficulty

  • The practice of the dragon ship Step


Shrimp to remove the shrimp line, marinate with salt, cooking wine, raw soy sauce;
  • 火龙船的做法步骤:1

    Chicken leg meat cut; (chicken breast meat will be better, I use the existing in the house) [ 123]

  • 火龙船的做法步骤:2


    Dragon fruit cut in two -thirds, dig out the pulp into a boat shape;

  • 火龙船的做法步骤:3


    Pineapple slides; (also kiwi, strawberries …)

  • 火龙船的做法步骤:4 ]

    Sliding the shrimp in the pot with hot oil in the pot;

  • 火龙船的做法步骤:5

    Stir -fry the chicken diced oyster sauce;

  • 火龙船的做法步骤:6 7

    Add shrimp, fire dragon pulp, pineapple durtoly, mix well, install In the dragon boat, you can drizzle with lemon juice.


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