The practice of sushi

\”Why is it refreshing? Because of the sushi you made, that’s all real materials, and if you want to eat god horses, there is a god horse, this is not very cool! Kaka ~~~~~ Use leftovers to use leftovers. To make sushi, you can be used as a staple food or snack, healthy and environmentally friendly! However, it is very expected to do it ~~~~~ \”

The details of the ingredients


Main ingredients
  • Affairs
  • Baked seaweed A moderate amount
Auxiliary materials


  • A moderate amount Egg cake
  • Affairs

  • [123 ] Crab meat stick A moderate amount
  • Ham sausage A moderate amount
  • Tudou strip A moderate amount
  • Chicken

  • A moderate amount
  • ingredients

Salad sauce

A moderate amount

  • Other flavors
  • Other processes

Half an hour consumption

Ordinary difficulty


  • [ 123]
  • Sales of sushi

Prepare ingredients


  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:1

    Potato cut thick bubble water

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:2


    Dry the water and decoction to the golden brown on both sides. In fact, this step should be cooked first, but I am lazy.

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:3 4

    Dry oil with oil -absorbing paper



  • Cut the ham sausage cut small frying

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:4

    Tudou strips and ham After the intestine is absorbed, I adjust my favorite seasonings. I use cumin powder, so fragrant!

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:5

    Egg stalls into cakes, because I want to take pictures, or somethingAs a result, it was thick, it didn’t matter, just cut into thin strips.

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:6

    The produced sushi vinegar, this, the taste varies from person to person. I use 3 spoons of white vinegar, 2 spoons of white sugar, a little salt, and boil white sugar with low heat, do not open.

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:7

    The sushi curtain is paved with Shanghai moss, rough noodles facing, and then paved with rice

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:8

    The top rice should not be fully paved, leave a little, and then wrap the fresh -keeping bag and press the rice. This step can also be omitted

  • ]


    Squeeze the salad sauce, spread various ingredients

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:10

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:11 ]

    Roll up, how to roll the video on the Internet, just be proficient.

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:12

    Static for 1 minute, then cut it, cut a knife to dip some water when cut, cut it!

  • 爽食寿司的做法步骤:13

    The rice is not enough, just make a rice ball, anyway ,very convenient.

  • Tips 爽食寿司的做法步骤:14

    1. Those who do not like sushi vinegar are actually not needed.

    2. Simp up the water in the water in advance, and fry it if you want to fry, and move it!

    3. The rice should be softer, don’t be hard.

    4. Salad sauce does not need to be filled with all, leave a gap on both sides


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