The practice of stewed tofu in the snow_How to make stewed tofu in Xueli


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]

Pickled snow 蕻


  • pork
  • 100g

  • 1 large piece
  • 123]

Auxiliary material


1 small paragraph

    Ginger [ 123] 1 small piece

  • Big material
  • 1

  • Dry pepper 2
  • Sugar A little
  • Pepper A little
  • salt
  • MSG A little
  • Edible oil A moderate amount
  • Salted fresh flavor

  • stewing process Time

Ordinary difficulty

    The practice of stewed tofu in snow

  • ] 雪里蕻炖豆腐的做法步骤:1 1

    Wash the excess salt in the pickled snow and cut the small section. Meat slices, tofu cutting slightly thicker slices, shallots, ginger slices

  • 2
    The pot is heated and poured into the oil, meat slices Stir -fry in the pan until the color is changed into the onion ginger dried peppers and the big ingredients. 雪里蕻炖豆腐的做法步骤:2

  • 3

  • Stir -fry in the pan, stir -fry the water


  • Add the water (a little more) add a small amount of sugar, a little salt, a little salt, a little salt , Boil of pepper powder

  • 雪里蕻炖豆腐的做法步骤:4


    Put the tofu high heat and boil the low heat

  • 雪里蕻炖豆腐的做法步骤:5


    Stew until the snow is soft and rotten, add a little MSG

  • 雪里蕻炖豆腐的做法步骤:6

  • 雪里蕻炖豆腐的做法步骤:7



    finished product


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