The practice of stewed fish with sauce

Recipe for braised partial fish in sauce

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“The meat of the fish is thick and firm. If you use the general cooking method, except for the thinner edge, which is tender and delicious, the meat in other parts will be relatively “dead” and taste very dry. So if you want to make this fish well, you can use more oil, add some meat slices or broth to increase the taste, and the soup should be thicker so that the fish and seasoning can be integrated. The most traditional cooking in the coastal areas of Shandong and Liaoning The cooking method is to stew with sauce, especially the way of “receiving juice” to cook this dish, the taste is more in place.”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Fish

    700 grams

  • Mushroom


  • June Fragrant Bean Sauce

    100 g

  • oil


  • Anise


  • Scallions

    3 stages

  • Chili


  • Pork belly

    50 grams

  • salt

    4 grams

  • Cooking wine


  • sugar

    20 grams

  • flowersPepper

    5 capsules

  • Ginger

    4 pieces

  • water


  • fish fragrance


  • stew


  • twenty minutes

    time consuming

  • Simple


Recipe steps for braised partial fish with sauce

  • 1

    Wash the squid, remove the viscera, gills and fish scales, cut flowers on both sides, marinate with cooking wine and salt for 20 minutes;

  • 2

    Sliced ​​pork belly, soaked dried shiitake mushrooms and washed, cut in half;

  • 3

    Pour oil into the pot, put in the processed main and auxiliary materials, seasoning and water;

  • 4

    Cover the pot, start the [ASR•Finsh] function, and the cooking program will be executed automatically;

  • 5

    After cooking, gently take out the fish and place it on a plate, then stir the remaining ingredients in the pot and pour it over the fish .


1. The knife should not be too deep to prevent it from being broken;
2. Increase the marinating time accordingly to make the fish more flavorful.


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