The practice of stewed cabbage with pork vermicelli

Recipe of pork vermicelli stewed cabbage

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Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Pork

    400 grams

  • Cabbage


  • Sweet Potato Vermicelli

    150 grams

  • Anise

    2 pieces

  • King Onion


  • Ginger

    3 pieces

  • Bingtang

    8 grams

  • Soy sauce

    2 tbsp

  • salt

    1/2 tsp

  • Dark Soy

    1 teaspoon

  • Hua Diao Wine

    1 teaspoon

  • Original


  • stew


  • One hour

    time consuming

  • Simple


Recipe steps of stewed cabbage with pork vermicelli

  • 1

    Boil the water in the pot, put the cut pork and blanch until the water boils, pick it up, wash it, and drain the water.

  • 2

    Put 1 teaspoon of oil in the pot, add the pork pieces, and stir-fry over low heat until the fat turns slightly yellow.

  • 3

    Pick up the meat and put in rock sugar, stir-fry over low heat until caramelized. Add the meat pieces and stir-fry until evenly colored, then add Beijing shallots, star anise, sliced ​​ginger, and Huadiao wine and stir-fry until fragrant. Add 1200ml of water and all the seasonings, cover with high heat and boil, then turn to low heat and simmer for about 60 minutes

  • 4

    Cook until halfway through, pick up the scallions and ginger slices, soak the vermicelli in warm water in advance until soft, when the water in the pot simmers until At 1/3, add soaked vermicelli and cabbage. Open the lid and cook over medium-low heat, and the vermicelli will take a little longer to cook. Finally cook until the vermicelli soften.


1. To make this dish, don’t use too much spices, just put a little of each, so as not to cover the aroma of the meat itself.
2. Vermicelli, in the marketThere are many kinds, I personally prefer sweet potato flour. Before using the vermicelli, soak it in warm water to soften it, do not soak it in boiling water, let alone boil it. After leaving the pot, cook for 10 minutes. The time should not be too long, otherwise it will easily shatter in the pot.


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