The practice of steaming a lazy cage

How to steam a lazy cage

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Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Lean Pork

    Appropriate amount

  • Cabbage

    Appropriate amount

  • Plain flour

    Appropriate amount

  • water

    Appropriate amount

  • Soy sauce

    Appropriate amount

  • Salt

    Appropriate amount

  • Pepper

    Appropriate amount

  • Sesame oil

    Appropriate amount

  • Cumin powder

    Appropriate amount

  • Pepper powder

    Appropriate amount

  • Edible oil

    (boiled) amount

  • Original


  • Steam


  • One hour

    time consuming

  • unknown


The practice steps of steaming lazy cage

  • 1

    Knead plain flour with water and wake up. When the noodles wake up, start to make the stuffing.

  • 2

    Mince pork, mince cabbage and squeeze out some water.

  • 3

    Pour the slightly dried cabbage into the pork pot, add appropriate amount of soy sauce, salt, pepper, cumin powder, Pepper powder, sesame oil, boiled cooking oil, and stir quickly to get the aroma.

  • 4

    Take out the wake-up noodles, roll them into thinner and better noodle cakes, put pork filling on the cakes, Leave about 10cm at the bottom of one end without filling.

  • 5

    Roll up the stuffed dough and cut into sections.

  • 6

    Put hot water in a pot and steam for 20 minutes.

  • Steamed lazy cage Practice steps: 7

    Friends, let’s start eating~


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