The practice of spring rolls_What how to do spring rolls


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\”The ready -made spring rolling skin, rolled up, sweet but sweet It is salty, it is very crispy after frying. \”
ingredients details
  • Spring roll skin ] Appropriate amount
  • Red Bean Paste A moderate amount
  • Beef filling

  • Affairs

Auxiliary materials


    A moderate amount

  • Water A moderate amount

Salted flavor

Frying process

    Half an hour consumption

  • ordinary difficulty

  • The practice of spring rolls Step


  • A ready -made spring roll skin. The supermarket frozen areas are available.


  • Spring roll skin is thin and tough, one by one, and two kinds of stuffing inside. The sweet red bean paste filling; the salty beef filling of the remaining dumplings before. Wrap it, wipe the cold water in the sealing place and stick it.

  • 春卷的做法步骤:2


  • Put the oil in the pot and heat it, put it down in the pot, fry medium heat, fry it, and fry it. Fry up and turn over.

  • 春卷的做法步骤:3


    finished map. Beef filling and red bean paste filling are delicious. The skin is fried and crispy, very fragrant, a sweet fragrance, a salty fragrance.

  • 春卷的做法步骤:4


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