The practice of spicy radish roasting meat


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\”here in northern Jiangsu, this small white radish was quilt Called as spicy radish, or water spicy radish. It is generally used for roasted meat, cold radish shreds, or dried radish.

The long green radish is called green head radish. The stuffing, or the meat round filling during the Chinese New Year.
Every family will be in a piece of self -reserved land, grow a pool of radishes, and eat it. It is estimated that in this season, the radish has just grown, only the chopsticks are as thin as the chopsticks.

As the saying goes, eating radish in winter and ginger in summer, do not need to prescribe prescriptions. It is said that eating radish in winter. Many things should be eaten during the season, which is very good for the body. [123 123. ] Although it is not winter now, but the radish has been on the market. Taking advantage of freshness, buy some taste.
A dish made according to the flavor of northern Jiangsu, almost on the dining table of the northern Jiangsu people in winter, as long as the parents of their parents are from their parents Radish, it is estimated that 10 have 5 people to make this dish. \”

ingredient details

Main ingredients
  • ]
  • White radish

  • 2
  • Pork



[123 ]

  • Carrot 1
  • Onion A moderate amount
  • Ginger A moderate amount
  • starch Affairs
  • Edit oil Affairs


  • ]

  • Salt A moderate amount
  • Raw soy sauce
  • Old Sanda Affairs
  • ] Oil
  • A moderate amount

  • cooking wine
  • A moderate amount

salty sweet flavor

  • Burning process
    苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:1 Time time takes time

    The practice of spicy radish roast meat

  • 苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:2

  • ] 苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:3


    All ingredients are ready.

  • 苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:4


    Wash the white radish and carrots and cut it into a roller.

  • 苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:5


    The pork was washed and cut into small pieces.

  • 苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:6


    Cut the pork release, old soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking wine, starch and marinate for 20 minutes.

  • 苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:7


    Heat the wok, pour the appropriate amount of edible oil, put onion ginger and sauté.

  • 苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:8


    Pour the marinating pork and stir -fry quickly.

  • 苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:9


    stir -fry for about 2 minutes, the pork becomes white and hard.

  • 苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:10


    Pour in white radish block for a while, and add an appropriate amount of salt.

  • 苏北风味--------辣萝卜烧肉的做法步骤:11


    Pour in half a bowl of water (do not have much water, you must not pass the ingredients, because the radish contains some water .) Cover the lid and cook for 5 minutes.


The radish is softened. 11 After the carrot is softened, add a spoonful of sugar, mix well, and then turn off the fire. Tips 1, like the soft and rotten, and it can also extend the time of cooking. 2, radish skin is rich in nutrition, it is best not to peel. 3, authentic northern Jiangsu flavor, eat the sauce made from home to burn the vegetables. Unfortunately, I do n’t have it here.


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