The practice of spicy pot

Spicy hot pot recipe

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“It’s very expensive to eat spicy hotpot outside. This kind of spicy hotpot is delicious and easy to make at home. It’s the same as eating outside.”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • prawns

    Appropriate amount

  • Fish Ball

    Appropriate amount

  • Fish tofu

    Appropriate amount

  • Ham Sausage

    Appropriate amount

  • Shrimp Ball

    Appropriate amount

  • Abalone Roll

    Appropriate amount

  • Lotus


  • Mushroom

    Appropriate amount

  • Agaric

    Appropriate amount

  • Yuba

    Appropriate amount

  • Sprouts

    Appropriate amount

  • rape

    Appropriate amount

  • Cabbage

    Appropriate amount

  • Carrot

    Appropriate amount

  • Green Chili

    Appropriate amount

  • Onion

    Appropriate amount

  • green onions

    Appropriate amount

  • Coriander

    Appropriate amount

  • Dried chilli

    Appropriate amount

  • Pepper

    Appropriate amount

  • Large flap

    Appropriate amount

  • salt

    Appropriate amount

  • Chicken Essence

    Appropriate amount

  • Fuel consumption

    Appropriate amount

  • Spicy


  • saute


  • ten minutes

    time consuming

  • Simple


Recipe steps of spicy pot

  • Spicy pot Practice steps: 1

    Prepare the spicy soup base, Pixian bean paste.

  • Spicy pot Practice steps: 2

    Prepare pepper, pepper, pepper (chopped), and a small amount of chopped green onion.

  • Spicy pot Practice steps: 3

    Cut a small amount of onion and green pepper (seasoning)

  • Spicy pot Practice steps: 4

    Wash fresh prawns, fish balls, shrimp balls, fish tofu, small ham sausage, etc. (choose according to your favorite taste) Clean and spare.

  • Spicy pot Practice steps: 5

    Wash the prepared vegetables (also choose according to your favorite taste), recommend lotus root slices, mushrooms, fungus, yuba, bean sprouts must select.

  • Spicy pot recipe steps: 6

    Put the prepared vegetables into the pot and blanch them in boiling water for half a minute before serving.

  • Spicy pot Practice steps: 7

    Put the prepared prawns, fish balls, shrimp balls, fish tofu, small ham sausage, etc. into boiling water and blanch until cooked.

  • Spicy pot Practice steps: 8

    Put oil in a hot pan, when the oil is hot, add the prepared peppercorns, Chinese prickly ash, and pepper, and stir-fry for a while. Then add the prepared Malatang seasoning and Pixian bean paste.

  • Spicy pot Practice steps: 9

    Stir-fry the bottom ingredients in the pot for a while (I like to eat spicy, so the chili and pepper and other condiments after dry-stirring are not filled out. If you don’t like the strong taste, you can add the Take out the ingredients) and then put in prawns, fish balls, shrimp balls, fish tofu, small ham sausage, etc.

  • Spicy pot Practice steps: 10

    Then add the blanched vegetables and stir fry evenly.

  • Spicy pot Practice steps: 11

    Finally, add a small amount of oil, salt, and chicken essence to taste, stir well and serve. Prepare two more bowls of rice and a bottle of drink to start the killing spree

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