The practice of spicy incense pot

\”The spicy incense pot is characterized by auspicious, spicy, and fragrant. It is a common practice of local people in the Bashu area. Although the taste of spicy spicy pot is spicy, it is widely welcomed by diners. What about the spicy incense pot? Put a large pot of vegetables in various seasonings and stir -fry. If you want to taste more fresh, you can put meat, seafood, crispy sausages, tender meat, bamboo shoots, bamboo, etc. Mix it up, and add the bottom of the German spicy pot, which becomes a pot of fragrance. \”

Main ingredients

  • Tudou A
  • Onion 100g
  • 100g [ 123] Lao
  • One

  • Celery
  • 100g

  • Shrimp 100g
  • Chicken A moderate amount
  • Crab A moderate amount
  • Beef

  • A moderate amount Fish
  • A moderate amount

  • [ 123] Pork A moderate amount
  • Rabbit meat A moderate amount
  • Affairs
  • [ 123] Accessories
  • Affairs


cooking wine

A moderate amount

  • MSG Affairs
  • Spicy flavor Explosive process [ 123]
  • Half an hour takes time

  • Ordinary difficulty

The practice of the spicy incense pot

  • 1

  • Sloping or cutting pieces at about 500g of vegetarian dishes such as onions, green bamboo shoots, lambs, celery, etc. , Pay attention to the heat, the texture of crispy and crispy materials can be cooked a little.
  • 2
    Fry 800g shrimp, crab, chicken, beef, fish, rabbit meat, pork, catfish and other ingredients Wash and chop into pieces (or diced, slices, strips), add an appropriate amount of salt, pepper, cooking wine for 3 minutes, and marinateThe meat fry until tight (frying).德义麻辣香锅底料香锅做法的做法步骤:1

  • 3
    Add 100g vegetable oil to the wok, burn it to 90 % heat and add red lanterns dried peppers and Deyi Xiangxiang potThe bottom material is 100g, and it is better to stir fry for 10-20 seconds. Then add the dishes to be used. Stir-fry the heat for 1-2 minutes.德义麻辣香锅底料香锅做法的做法步骤:2


  • Add coriander, green onion and sesame before dishes, and the effect is even more effective.I use the bottom of the German spicy incense pot, which is convenient for saving.


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