The practice of spicy chicken

\”I want to say that for spicy chicken, I like to come and hate, because I can’t eat spicy people, but the taste of spicy chickens is really good, I like it, – to make this dish, it is pure because too many friends like spicy food to eat spicy food. Well, so I specialize in greeting friends. \”

ingredients details
  • Chicken [Chicken [ 123] 500g

Auxiliary material


  • [ [ 123] Dry pepper Grab one hand
  • Pepper Affairs
  • Ginger Half root
  • ingredients

Yishu Hall Fire Was Oil


    Bad oil

  • Affairs [123 ] salt
  • Affairs

  • Fried process

Three -minute bell bell Time

Ordinary difficulty

  • The practice of spicy chicken

  • 辣子鸡--香辣辣的家常菜的做法步骤:1


  • 1

  • Cut the green onions and dried pepper to wash and set aside. The chicken needs to cut into half of the size of the thumb. After cutting, use five spoons of salt, cook four scoops, marinate the ginger for an hour, and miss the shot. It’s right. Essence Map of pickled chicken.

  • 2

  • Put the chicken in the blending oil and fry until the chicken is a little red, the chicken is hard, pay attention to the chicken frying the chicken. The process must be turned off the chicken uninterrupted to avoid chicken sticking to the pan.

  • 3

  • Fried chicken’s color map, chicken pieces red, chicken skin fried crispy. Dry the oil of chicken nuggets.

  • 4

  • Pour two spoons of the fiery oil of Yishu Tang, then add hemp pepper, dried peppers, onions, sauté Go down, then pour in the dried chicken block and stir fry. Note that it is fry over medium heat. In five minutes


  • Out of it Pot ~~~


1. Oil with fried chicken piecesIt is recommended to harmonize oil, (*^__^*) Reasons need not be said, save money.

2. The oil of the fried chicken nuggets was selected by Yishu Hall’s fiery sesame oil. It was originally hot chicken, which may not be able to get out of the toilet on the fire. 3. Put some hemp pepper powder marinated when the hemp flavor of hemp pepper is marinated.


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