The practice of Sixi Maruko_Fu Lu Shouxi is coming, I eat the good luck, the fragrance of the meat, how to do the fragrance of the meat


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[Select three -point fat, seven points thinner, stewed and shattered , The coriander is also chopped into small pieces, so you don’t need to cut it too thin, so that there is space between the fillings, and when the meatballs are stewed, you can better absorb the soup. , Fry to the golden skin, the final four -cherished balls made in this way are crispy and tender inside, full of juicy, bite, full of meat, fat but not greasy. \”

ingredients detail


Main ingredients

    Pork filling

  • 600g
  • 50 grams

  • [ [ 123]

Auxiliary materials


30 grams

  • egg white 1 One


15 grams

Soy sauce

    30 ml

  • Thirteen incense
  • 1 gram

  • Onion ginger water 150 ml
  • oil A moderate amount
  • Shengpan 20 ml
  • Seideline 10 ml
  • Big material

  • 3 One
  • Gui Pi

  • 1
  • Pepper

  • Several Onion
  • Section

  • [123 ] Water 800 ml
  • Salted flavor
  • One hour Time Advanced difficulty

The practice of Sixi Maruko

  • [ 123]

  • 1
  • Cut the onion, sliced \u200b\u200bginger, and crushed.


  • Put the shallots and ginger in the pot, pour in an appropriate amount of water, start any function key, put the onion ginger, put the onion ginger, After the water is boiled, pour 150 ml in the bowl for later use.

  • 3

  • Put the meat in a clean container, add 10 grams of salt, 30 grams of starch, 1 gram of thirteen incense, 10 ml sesame oil, and 1 egg white to mix well.

  • 4

  • Put in the soy sauce and continue to mix, then add 150 ml onion ginger to the meat twice,Stroke up.

  • 5

  • Add the coriander to crush, grab it well, and then make a meatballs of uniform size.

  • 6

  • Pour the appropriate amount of oil in the pot, add the meatballs after the oil heat, and fry until they are removed.

  • 7

  • The remaining onion ginger water, directly put in peppercorns, cinnamon, onion section, big ingredients, fried wellMaruko and water.

  • 8

  • Cover the pot lid and start the [Stew pork ribs] function.

  • 9

  • After the cooking is over.


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