The practice of siu mai

The practice of burning wheat

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“You can do the whole process by yourself. If you really don’t know how to roll the skin, you can buy dumpling skin and wonton skin from outside.
Note: The color of spinach is very emerald green before steaming, but the color is not so beautiful after steaming. As long as there are brightly colored food outside, it is added…”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • glutinous rice


  • Flour

    a little

  • Carrot

    a little

  • Mushroom


  • Sausage


  • Chicken

    a little

  • Spinach

    4 pieces

  • Food Alkaline


  • Soy sauce

    Appropriate amount

  • Cooking wineAppropriate amount

  • Salt

    Appropriate amount

  • Five Spice Powder

    Appropriate amount

  • Sauce


  • Steam


  • One hour

    time consuming

  • ordinary


How to make siu mai

  • How to make siu mai: 1

    The first step is to prepare the siu mai filling: soak glutinous rice overnight, soak mushrooms in advance, chicken, sausage, Dice all carrots and onions. (The ingredients can be changed according to your own preferences)

  •  How to make siu mai: 2

    Pour the soaked glutinous rice into the electric pressure cooker, add a teaspoon of light soy sauce, add a small amount of water to cook the rice, and cook until cooked. Note: It can also be steamed in a steamer.

  •  How to make siu mai: 3

    Pour the oil into the pan, first add the diced chicken and stir fry for a few times, then add the diced sausage and start adding cooking wine, light soy sauce, and a small amount of five-spice powder Stir fry evenly, add carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and diced onions and continue to stir fry, taste the saltiness, and add some salt if necessary. Stir-fry the ingredients out of the pan.

  •  How to make siu mai: 4

    Put it in a bowl and set aside.

  •  How to make siu mai: 5

    Let’s fry the stuffing, and the glutinous rice is almost ready. Put the glutinous rice and stuffing together and stir.

  •  Steps for making siu mai: 6

    Stir well and set aside. Next we make siu mai skin.

  •  Steps for making siu mai: 7

    Restart the pot and pour water. After the water boils, add a little cooking oil, add spinach, add a little edible alkali or salt , Stir the spinach with chopsticks, blanch and remove the spinach.

  •  The steps of making siu mai: 8

    Chop the blanched spinach on a cutting board and put it in a pot.

  •  How to make siu mai: 9

    Put spinach and flour in the pot, grasp and stir with your hands constantly, until a dry dough (as soft and hard as dumpling dough) is formed.

  •  Steps for making siu mai: 10

    Put the dough on the cutting board and knead it smooth. Take half of the dough first, and cover the remaining half with a lid.

  •  How to make siu mai: 11

    According to the steps, first rub the dough into long strips-cut small doses-flatten.

  •  How to make siu mai: 12

    Like dumpling wrappers, roll them into thin round slices.

  •  Steps for making siu mai: 13

    Put the stuffing in the middle of the siu mai skin, wrap them up one by one, and steam them in cold water for 15 minutes.

  •  Steps for making siu mai: 14

    finished product.


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