The practice of shrimp wonton noodles

Recipe of shrimp wonton noodles

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“Beijing in September is already full of autumn. In the night after the autumn rain, let’s have a bowl of warm shrimp wonton noodles. Delicious wontons, fragrant noodles, Fufu What do you want?”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • wonton

    Appropriate amount

  • Instant noodle cake

    Appropriate amount

  • rape

    Appropriate amount

  • Boiled Shrimp

    Appropriate amount

  • Chicken Essence

    Appropriate amount

  • White Pepper

    Appropriate amount

  • Sesame oil

    Appropriate amount

  • Soy sauce

    Appropriate amount

  • Vinegar

    Appropriate amount

  • Nori

    Appropriate amount

  • Chives

    Appropriate amount

  • Coriander

    Appropriate amount

  • light


  • cook


  • ten minutes

    time consuming

  • Simple


Recipe steps for shrimp wonton noodles

  • 1

    Boil the water, add wontons and cook. Note that the wonton wrappers are thin, so the time is shorter than cooking the dumplings. It breaks easily when cooked. Take a large noodle bowl, add a little chicken essence, white pepper powder, soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil. Tear the seaweed into pieces, cut the shallots and parsley into small pieces, and put them in a bowl.

  • 2

    After the wontons are cooked, put a little wonton soup into a bowl, dissolve the seasonings, and then pour into the wontons. Do not turn off the fire, directly use the remaining wonton soup to cook the instant noodles, and at the same time, cook the rapeseed for one minute and serve it out.

  • 3

    Two minutes, the noodles are ready, put them into wontons, put green vegetables, prawns, shrimp wonton noodles and you are done!


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