The practice of shiitake mushrooms and cabbage meat bags


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\” He said that he wanted to eat vegetable bags, tossing his mother every day, his mother tossed in the kitchen day by day. Because it was about to take a nap time, I completed today’s buns in two steps: first make the vegetable meat filling. Noodles, stuffing, steamed buns. Because you do n’t need to hair, you are also very fast: the reconciliation of noodles directly cut into several small dough, then roll it into a bun, filling, relaxation for fifteen minutes, and then turn on fire and steam; While preparing dinner, steaming the buns, not delaying both ends. \”
cabbage shiitake mushroom meat filling

[ 123] Pork


  • cabbage
  • 300g

  • shiitake mushroom 6 (about 100g)
  • [ 123]
  • Meat filling

2 spoons
    oyster sauce

  • 1 spoon [ 123] salt
  • 1 spoon

  • Sugar
  • 1 spoon

  • Thirteen incense 0.5 spoon
  • [ 123]

  • Sesame Oil 1 spoon
  • Starch 1 spoon
  • Chicken powder

  • 0.5 spoon
  • ]
  • Baozi leather main material


Yeast powder

    10g [10g [10g [ 123]

  • fine sugar 120g
  • corn oil 50g
  • Milk 380-400g

  • Salted fresh flavor

  • steaming process

  • Time for hours


The practice of the mushroom and cabbage meat bag
  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:1
    Hard part.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:2 2

    Soak in salt water for a while.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:3 3

    Chop it, add some salt to force the water, and pour excess water.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:4 4

    Wash the pork.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:5 5

    Go to the mushrooms and wash it.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:6 6

    Pork cut into small pieces, mushroom slices.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:7 7

    Put the pork and shiitake mushrooms in the meat grinder and pour it into the deep basin.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:8 8

    Prepare the condiments of the meat regulation.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:9 9

    Pour all the cabbage in, then pour all the seasonings, put on gloves, grab well, quiet Put it for a while and let the seasoning slowly penetrate into the meat.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:10 10

    I use a bread machine and noodles. Pour all the main ingredients of the dough into the bread bucket in turn, and then put the yeast powder finally, dig a pit into the flour.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:11 11

    Rubbing for 15 minutes. Take out the dough, no need to ferment, divide into a small dough of about 50 grams. I am divided into 25 in total.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:12 12

    Take a small dough and roll it into a thick buns on the edge of the edge.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:13 13

    Packing into the meat filling.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:14 14

    Close. Ignore the handicapped party’s family handicap, just delicious.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:15 15

    Also pinch into the shape of dumplings. Call a bit, 90 grams.

  • 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:16 16

    I use two steamer, each steamer has two layers.

  • 17 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:17 All wrapped,Cover the lid for 15 minutes, then turn on the medium and medium heat, continue to steam for 12 minutes after SAIC, and turn off the heat for 3-5 minutes.

  • 18 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:18 Put it out, be careful not to let the water droplets of the pot lid drip on the bun, which affects the beauty and taste.

  • 19 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:19 Erbao ate dinner and eat this bun.

  • 20 迫不及待要分享:香菇白菜肉包的做法步骤:20 The meat filling is just right.Because the buns can not eat any salty sweetness, they just eat meat and stuffing, as if eating a bite of rice with a bite of dishes, delicious.


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