The practice of seaweed meat pork


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\”Meat pine, no matter what the sea moss is so attractive, it is so attractive The two are added together, and the deliciousness has also been upgraded, double the deliciousness. Big friends and children come to try it. It is great to make snacks or meat pine bread. \”

ingredients Details

Main ingredients



  • Sea Moss 10g
  • [

  • [ 123] Sesame 5g
  • Auxiliary material

Wuxiang powder

A moderate amount

  • A moderate amount
  • Black Pepper Broken

  • A moderate amount Soy sauce
  • A moderate amount

  • cooking wine
  • Affairs

  • Sugar
  • Affairs

  • octagonal Affairs
  • Ginger slices A moderation
  • Salted fresh flavor Fried process

Time time

Ordinary Difficulties

  • The practice of seaweed meat loose


Preparation Ingredients

  • 海苔肉松(面包机版)的做法步骤:1


    The meat should be removed, cut into large pieces, ginger slices to take a backup

  • 海苔肉松(面包机版)的做法步骤:2


    适量的水,把姜片和肉块放入高压锅中,加适量的五香粉、黑椒碎、姜片、 Cooking wine, stew for 25 minutes

  • 海苔肉松(面包机版)的做法步骤:3 4

    Put out the meat piece and let it cool, put it in a fresh -keeping bag, use it with it, use Rolling pin or other tools, knock the fiber of pork

  • 5 海苔肉松(面包机版)的做法步骤:4 The processed pork is placed in the bread machine, add it Sesame, the right amount of soy sauce, salt, sugar, and spiced powder is seasoned

  • 6 海苔肉松(面包机版)的做法步骤:5 Use automatic stir -fry mode, 30 minutes

  • 7

  • Starters left there awayAt 5 minutes, cut the seaweed cutting into the bread machine and stir -fry until the program is over

    1. The meat must be the meat must be the meat must beRemove fascia, you can choose the pheasant or forearm meat

    2. Before putting the high pressure cooker, you can simmer the water before putting it in a high -pressure cooker.It is the most important thing. Be sure to crush the fiber of the meat so that the meat is loose to make it more loose

  • 4. Please adjust it according to your own taste.If you are moisture, it is also possible


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