The practice of sauce fried chicken nuggets

\”Put some side dishes in the sauce fried chicken nuggets. There are meats, vegetables and temperatures, warm, and bibimbap dipped in steamed buns. This taste is slightly spicy.I have to be very happy. It is not troublesome to make a plate of trouble. While stewed chicken nuggets, cook a pot of white rice, the rice is cooked, and the chicken nuggets are stewed.

Main ingredients

    Chicken nugget

  • 300g enoki mushroom
  • 200 grams

  • Tudou 2
  • Seasoning

corn oil

A moderate amount
    red pepper [red pepper

  • A little
  • Stir -fried chicken sauce

  • 1 pack
  • Onion

  • A moderate amount octagonal
  • 1

  • peppercorns Divisions
  • Xiangye 1 tablet
  • Dry red pepper 2
  • Ginger ] Moderate amount
  • SpicyTaste

  • Fried craft
  • One hour time consumption

Practice of common difficulty

  • Step of the sauce fried chicken nuggets
  • 1Repeat the chicken nuggets with water first. Put the appropriate amount of water in the pot. The chicken nuggets are a cold water pot.

  • 2 Folki -mushrooms remove the root. After boiling the water in the pot, put a little salt and put the enoki mushrooms in the water to simmer the wood chips, and then remove it with cold water.
    Peel the potatoes, cut the knife, clean the red pepper, cut the triangle.

  • 酱炒鸡块的做法步骤:1
  • 4 After the pan is heated, add an appropriate amount of corn oil, add the onion ginger to sauté, and then put the star anise, pepper, fragrance, dried red peppers in the pan and explode togetherfragrant.

  • 酱炒鸡块的做法步骤:2
  • 5 Then add chicken pieces to fry, don’t worry, this step is more fry for a while, let the chicken pieces present golden yellow.

  • 酱炒鸡块的做法步骤:3
  • 6 Pour in the fried chicken sauce and stir -fry the fragrance.

  • 酱炒鸡块的做法步骤:4
  • 7 Add an appropriate amount of water. It is advisable to boil the water without chicken nuggets.Cooked through, then put the potato blocks and enoki mushrooms until the potatoes are soft and rotten.

  • 酱炒鸡块的做法步骤:5
  • 8 Finally put the red pepper in the pan and stir fry for a few times to turn off the hot pot.

  • 酱炒鸡块的做法步骤:6 Tips 1. Chicken nuggets must be cleaned and removed before stewed, and must be simmered in order to completely remove the chicken smell. After the water is simmered, remove it with cold water and clean it again.2. Don’t rush to add sauce under the chicken nuggets. First fry the chicken pieces to golden yellow, so that the chicken oil in the chicken nuggets can be forced, and the chicken will not get tired of eating.3. Tudou and enoki mushrooms have to wait for chicken nuggets to stew and add them. If you add the potatoes early, you will be stewed too badly.


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