The practice of sand tea sesame fried sauce noodles


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[Fried sauce noodles: my new taste] See There is an urge to participate in this event, but for Beijing fried noodles, I really don’t have a cold for it. It has been a few years away from home. It is called \”irrigation noodles\”), which really makes me saliva. Every time I go home, friends and classmates ask for dinner, but I will like the noodles of the tea and sesame seeds. It’s a bit lacking, every time you know eating this, but how do they know, like it is a wonderful feeling, can you cherish it well?

Although I don’t like the traditional Beijing fried noodles, their nutritional matching and the matching and There are still some things worth learning from. Then, around this theme, a north -south with fried sauce noodles will be unique and unique. Practice proves this innovative fried sauce noodles that integrate the north -south flavor. Very successful. On the day of great achievements, friends came to the door. The temporary gourmet appraisers praised my creation. The fierce response was unexpected. Dang Dang a heirs. \”

ingredients details


  • Affairs
  • Face

  • A moderate amount

Lettuce lettuce

A moderate amount

  • Cucumber A moderate amount
  • Carrot A moderate amount
  • Ingredients

Sesame Sauce

A moderate amount

    Shacha Sauce

  • A moderate amount sesame oil
  • Affordable

  • Edit oil
  • A moderate amount

  • refined salt A moderate amount
  • Chicken Essence A moderate amount
  • Fish Lulu A moderate amount
  • Fresh Beilu taste sauce A moderate amount
  • Taste

  • Boil process
  • Time time takes time

Ordinary difficulty


Wash the lettuce into a small piece; wash the carrots and cucumbers into shreds.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:1


    Prepare two bowls, one put on sand tea sauce, and the other put on sesame sauce.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:2


    Install the bowl with sesame sauce, add an appropriate amount of refined salt, chicken essence, fish dew, Xianbeelu seasoning Sak, add an appropriate amount of boiling water and rinse, stir well for later use.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:3


    Putting an appropriate amount of boiling water and stirred it in a bowl equipped with sand tea sauce.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:4


    Boil water in the pot, add noodles, cook for about two minutes.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:5


    Pick up the noodles and drain the water bowl. Remember not to cook the noodles too badly In this way, it is not easy to mix, and the second is too bad to affect the taste. After draining the water, you can add some cooked oil appropriately, and mix the noodles first.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:6


    Add a little edible oil and refined salt into the other pot of boiling water, and then put it in carrots and scald it. Pick up and spread it on the surface.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:7 8

    Then put it in lettuce For a long time, there is no crispy feeling when you are old; paving cucumber shreds on the surface, cucumber shredded, it is okay.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:8 9

    Then hot the meat slices, put it on the dish, pay attention to the meat slices to change the color, don’t hot For a long time, you don’t have the sweetness of meat to taste.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:9 10

    Figure 10 is the appearance of carrots, lettuce, cucumber shreds, and meat slices on top of the surface.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:10 11

    Then pour the sesame sauce to it, as shown in Figure 11.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:11 12

    Finally pour the sand tea sauce to it, pour some cooked oil, sesame oil, mix well when you eat it well Just accept it.

  • 南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:12 13

    Because the living habits of life and dietary habits of southern families and northern families are different.It doesn’t know.Making sand tea sesame fried noodles in hometown (that is, the \”irrigation noodles\” mentioned in hometown) is generally \”thin\”, that is, a bit wide and thin, so I bought this kind of egg noodles in the supermarket, such asShow in the figure.

  • Tips

  • My new flavor north -south with fried sauce noodles -sand tea sesame fried noodles, which are delicious and sweet, sweet and delicious, tastedMost people who have passed will be dumped by this colorful and fragrant and spicy deliciousness.南北配炸酱面——沙茶芝麻炸酱面的做法步骤:13


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