The practice of roasted beef steak


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The details of the ingredients


  • 3 Two two two two two two two two two
  • Tomato

  • A

Auxiliary material

Cheese [ 123] A little

  • Jam A little
  • Xiaoshing

  • A moderate amount red pepper
  • A

  • Onion
  • Half

  • Mushroom
  • 4

  • celery
  • ] Butter

  • A spoon
  • garlic

  • ingredients
  • [


tomato sauce

2 spoon


A spoon

  • Soy sauce One spoon
  • ] Red wine A spoon
  • Wuxiang powder A little
  • Ginger powder A little
  • [ [] 123]
  • Cuminis flavor Baking process

One hour takes time

Advanced difficulty

    Bake Step of the practice of beef steak

  • 1

Wash the beef, apply the marinade, use the positive and negative sides, use Plastic bags are wrapped and marinated for 10 hours. The marinade has one spoonful of red wine, soy sauce, salt, 2 spoons of tomato sauce, a little jam, a little spiced powder, a slice of garlic, a little ginger.

  • 烤牛扒的做法步骤:1 2

    Put the marinated beef chop in the oven, bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes, then put a little cheese and a little cheese and Tomatoes continue to bake for 10 minutes.

  • 3 烤牛扒的做法步骤:2 FryA plate of side dishes

    \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; Put a red, a small green pepper and half onion, washed the pieces, and the three shiitake mushrooms are softened, and a celery is crushed.Put a little butter in the pot, stir -fry vegetables, put a little salt and pepper noodles, and cook the plate.

  • 烤牛扒的做法步骤:3 4

    The steak after baking.

  • 5 烤牛扒的做法步骤:4 Cut the steak after cutting.


  • The first roast beef, psychological bottom, always depending on the fire of the oven, the temperature of my oven is difficult to bakeIn my heart, I was very anxious.
    I hope that the next time can grasp the time and firepower and make a good roast beef steak!烤牛扒的做法步骤:5


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