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[Christmas is coming, another beautiful romantic year Memories. But I prefer to make every day my life is the best memory in my life. For me, good memories may be a trip or a meal. Life requires a sense of ritual. I like it. Taking the daily exquisite, a five -mature steak, a glass of red wine, and dressing with a dress. Fortunately to get the trial of Dongling steak machine, let’s see how this product changes my life. A different romantic Christmas. \”

ingredients details

    West cold steak

  • ] 3 pieces
  • Pork chop

  • 4 pieces
  • Eggplant

  • Pork
  • A moderate amount

  • Tudou
  • 1

  • enoki mushroom
  • A moderate amount

  • Crispy sausage A moderate amount
  • ]

Auxiliary materials

Black Pepper Juice


  • Little Tomato Affairs [123 ]
  • Broccoli

  • Affairs
  • Other flavors
  • Other processes

Ten minutes takes time

Simple difficulty

  • The practice of steak steak

Dongling steak machine, as the name suggests, is a special machine specialty. You can intelligently detect the thickness of the steak and make a suitable maturity. In fact, its features are not only here, there are other smart menus \”pork chops\”, \”chicken wings\” and so on. The smart menu can be automatically stewed, and it can also manually barbecue mode. It is more functional. Today we will look at the performance of this Dongling beef steak machine from the box removal, measurement and personal experience.

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:1

    Still the old case to open the shot.

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:2

    We can see Dongling’s double -layer packed as always, not because of violence due to violenceExpress and damage to the product (but it is recommended to check out the box to protect your rights and interests).

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:3


    Open the machine, the instructions and recipes are complete. For the first time, I read the instructions first, which is easier Get this steak machine.

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:4


    Small details to pay attention to safety, such packaging and attention instructions are very clear Lag.

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:5 6

    Dongling Niu Steak Machine True Body: It is a more upper -grade champagne gold as the main color, not inside, not inside The dipping board is demolished, stainless steel metal, which is more simple and generous. It is suitable for families with different decoration styles. It is very versatile. The design of the fuselage streamlined type reflects the excellent craftsmanship.

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:6 7

    The distance settings of the handle will not be hot, it is convenient to open and close.

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:7 8

    Let’s take a look at the soul protagonist of Dongling Niu Steel Machine — barbecue plate, which can be disassembled above Well, there are keys on the upper and lower pieces, and you will come out as soon as you press.

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:8 9

    This design is definitely more convenient to clean.

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:9 10

    You can see that the texture of the bakery is very good, it is not stained, this kind of grilled meat must be clean after cleaning Convenient, wipe it with a paper towel. You can see that there is a small mouth at the end of the bakery. When the barbecue oil is large, you can flow down the groove of this barbecue to the slag plate below.

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:10 11

    The oil disk is also removed, easy to clean, and do not worry about the oil splashing on the table.

  • 12 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:11 This Dongling steak machine has smart menus and manual menus. Under normal circumstances The angle is opened, and the default is the operation of the smart menu. Only the bakery above the large circular buttons next to it will spread at 180 degrees.

  • 13 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:12 Pressing it into a flat barbecue mode.

  • 14 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:13 13. Okay, let’s check how mature now. Let’s bake the outer ridge first. It is the longest muscle on the back of the beef. It is a little fat to grill more fragrant. It is often referred to as the west -cold/Sharon steak. Usually, the five mature is the most suitable taste. Then I will test the mature state of this Dongling steak with three weights with the same weight.

  • 15 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:14 Connect the power, select the steak menu, press the start button, at this time the steak machine enters the preheating state.

  • 16
    It is about two minutes, the preheating effect is fast, first place the meat on the bakery Essence At this time, we saw that we had jumped to the five maturity, and the sound of BIBI was made. We can take out the steak. This is a five -mature steak, which still keeps the pink and tender color inside. 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:15

  • 17
    After finishing the first steak, I took a paper towel to wipe the baking sheet. , Very convenient to clean! 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:16

  • 18
    Gently wipe it out, the stain can be wiped off. 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:17

  • 19
    Then take advantage of the remaining temperature. Three west cold steaks (operations) put them up, this piece is made into 7 maturity. 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:18

  • 20
    This piece is fully cooked. 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:19

  • 21
    Now I will cut and look at the meat quality in the different maturity of the three pieces of meat grinds. Clearly see different maturity. 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:20

  • 22

  • In terms of taste, I think the five maturity made by this machine is also very suitable for the taste of the Chinese people There is no existence that is too soft and too soft, but it tastes the original taste of beef, which is very delicious. Seven % and all cooked are also not disappointing. They will not be too old, or keep the meat tender.

  • 23

  • In addition to beef, pork chopped chicken wings will be more commonly used materials. Seasoning pork chops and chicken wings, let’s test its \”pork chop\” menu and \”chicken wings\” menu.

  • 24

  • Connect the power, select the pork chop menu, and press the start button. At this time, the steak machine enters the preheating state. Until it was cooked, the bibi sounded, and the pork chop was taken out at this time.

  • 25

  • You can see the fragrance of the pork chop into golden, elegant seasoning, because the meat was not too thick, forbearing I ca n’t tear it directly, very tender. I usually make it with a wok. The meat will become dry and it will be tough. This time, the effect of the Dongling steak machine is tender in the outer coke. Unexpectedly, pork chop could be so delicious.

  • 26

  • Let’s take a look at the effect of the \”chicken wings\” menu. I personally feel that the chicken wings are good (this It is also related to the seasoning. Do not put too much material will affect the color). The surface feels dry and the meat is okay. However, because the chicken wings are bone, the effect is not as good as pure meat picking, and it is easy to be familiar with it.

  • 27

  • This steak machine also has other functions. It is a manual barbecue mode. This menu is very suitable for a few families. At night, a small barbecue -grilled vegetables are used to adjust the taste, so that Chinese food is different from usual. I put a bit of sausage, potatoes, eggplant, tomato, enoki mushrooms, pork chops to try.

  • 28

  • I think the manual menu is very convenient, it is suitable It feels like Korean barbecue, and I do n’t put the oil directly on the vegetables.

  • 29

  • In addition to the more high -level professional steak, this Dongling steak function puts the ordinary cooked meat picking roast It is just right to become more delicious.

  • 30

  • and then use such meat pieces, with fresh ingredients, make healthy and delicious. I use the ordinary seasoning steak bought by the supermarket to make a mature with Dongling steak machine.

  • 31

  • Add different vegetables to make delicious salads (here I used lettuce, small tomatoes, potato puree, etc. Choose the vegetables you like, which is very simple)


  • This steak machine can not use any oil, you can do not use any oil, you can do not use any oil. Frying such a delicious steak is true for the fitness peopleIt’s very suitable!

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:31


  • You can make Christmas romantic western meals, or nutrition and healthy meals!

  • 爱是几分熟,我只要五分就好的做法步骤:32

    After starting this Dongling steak machine, I think my kitchen has become more intelligent. The biggest experience is the meat steak for good meat. Be sure to use this steak machine to cook. In addition to intelligent and convenient, help you automatically make a few mature steaks, lock the essence, but also present this steak to the maximum. Where is the delicious soul. For ordinary ordinary meat, it should be cooked with steak machines, which can make delicious meat rows in the right intelligence. Bake with Dongling steak machines, and don’t put a drop of oil. Eat the original flavor of meat. With such a machine, for novices, you can make very delicious Western food at home. Feel the convenience of technology for life. Generally speaking, it is very surprising and satisfied. Christmas this year, I can make a great Christmas meal at home. This good steak machine, friends who want, search for \”Dongling steak machine\” on Taobao, you can find it.


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