The practice of red wine stewed grass roots soup_Whito the sore and simple recipe-red wine stewed grassroots soup

\”Every year in the winter season, the households in Youxi urban and rural are busy with\” tonic winter \”(drinking grassroots soup, tonifying the body), and they all say that\” complement \”on the day of Lidong is the most effective. Which month of this custom starts? , I think there are always more than a hundred years. Rural people have rely on physical food. After working hard for a year, in the winter order, it is to have stronger physical strength in the coming year. The foreign ginseng and velvet antler are luxury products that they dare not see, but they know \”to take materials on the spot\” and use the wild wild roots of the mountains and mountains and mountains in front of the house to strengthen the body. The people in the city and the wealthy farmers, all kinds of supplements and health products are no longer a luxury that cannot be bought, but they still have a soft spot for this truly natural grassroots soup. Enterprises that produce cans of canned grass root soup have series of dishes with grassroots soup as their main raw materials. There are many grass -roots soups, and there are more than 20 kinds of grassroots that can be used. Old medicine and farmers selling grassroots to help choose several kinds of compatibility. Among the series of dishes with grassroots soup as the main raw materials, at the local flavor dish point exchange meeting held by the Sanming Municipal Government in 2000, the \”Altar Boil Schishavi Grassroot Soup\” received everyone’s Unanimous praise has become a famous banquet in Youxi. Husband had a car accident a few years ago, and every time I fell to the legs. The most serious time was the bone of the ankle. Fortunately, the youth recovered well, However, this credit is his dad. The father -in -law understands some of the bones and herbs and treats this broken foot. Usually it is lively, you can now get a little sequelae, especially when the humidity is heavy. . Now when I encounter cold and humidity, his feet will be sore. When I go home, I told my mother to listen to it. My mother made a lot of rheumatism. Dig grass roots up the mountain. Cooking 2 large pots of grass roots soup a year has no soreness for almost a year. They cook more than 100 kinds of herbs once, and the herbal medicine is almost all of them. The water of the pot is boiled to a basin, but it is a day of cooking. Someone is digging now, but now there are fewer cooking. Everyone’s pot stoves are liquefied gas, and they eat a little stew a little. \”[[[[[[[[[[ 123] The details of the ingredients

Main ingredient]

Ti Yuncao


  • Eucommia 1
  • Ginger 4 tablets
  • ] Chicken Half
  • Accessories
  • Red glutinous rice wine Half bowl


A moderate amount

  • Others otherTaste
  • Stewing process

  • One hour takes time
  • Practice of red wine stewed grass root soup

    Materials: 5 pieces of plum vines (grabbing by hand) Eucommia 1 chicken half ginger and 4 slices of seasoning: red glutinous rice wine half a bowl of salt at a moderate amount

  • 2. Inject cold water in the casserole.

  • 3. Pour into the washed chicken and ginger slices.
  • 4. Pour in cooking wine.

  • 5. Pour the clean grass roots and boil the heat and boil the water for 90 minutes.去酸痛的朴素良方--红酒炖草根汤的做法步骤:1
  • 6. Pour in an appropriate amount of salt to serve.去酸痛的朴素良方--红酒炖草根汤的做法步骤:2
  • Tips*If you have time, you can simmer the grass roots soup first, and pour it into the duck for 40 minutes.*Stewed grass root soup is actually better to boil with cold water. I have no time to stew for a long pot.*Don’t look at the soup that it can be stewed and stewed. In fact, it is delicious.Adding meat will also absorb some bitter taste.


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