The practice of red oil beef_How to make red oil beef


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\”Noodles, the best partner of the rice noodle! The best partner of rice! \”
ingredients details

  • 1000 grams
  • Pepper

  • A little
  • Octagon

  • Pepper
  • A little

  • Douban sauce
  • 25 grams

  • Cooking wine
  • A little

  • A little

Auxiliary materials

  • Ginger A small piece
  • Five Five
  • Spicy flavor
  • Burning process
  • Time for hours

  • Ordinary difficulty

The practice of red oil beef

  • 1

    Cut fresh beef into small pieces Soak the blood with water for half an hour!

  • 2

    Put the soaked beef with ginger wine with boiling water to remove the blood, and then wash it for later use!

  • 3

    The oil pan, (the oil should be slightly more) to boil to 70 % of the ginger slices, garlic, peppercorns, Douban, Douban, Douban, Douban, Douban Stir -fry the sauce and stir -fry the beef and stir fry for ten minutes to add water without beef!

  • 4

    The fire burned the fire for an hour in the middle of the fire, just add chicken powder to the seasoning! (Douban sauce has salt so you don’t need to add salt)


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