The practice of pan -fried beef steak _ simple and rude fresh beef steak_How to do if fried beef steak


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\”I want to eat beef steak, but I don’t want to eat supermarkets The finished beef steak that has been frozen for a long time, then come to see my recipes. Go to the hot pot restaurant to buy beef steak home and marinate by yourself, fresh and delicious! I’m here to teach you to do it! No, it is not complicated at all. My approach is simple and rude, but it is absolutely delicious! As long as you choose the right meat, nothing is a problem! Don’t doubt that my three -year -old children can eat it, absolutely tender and delicious. \”

ingredient details

Main ingredients

    Bee Flower

  • 250g
  • Noodles

  • 2
  • Auxiliary materials

[123 ]


2 packs

2 packs

  • Oil
  • Salt A moderate amount
  • Homemade beef sauce 2 spoons
  • Sauce flavor

  • [ 123] Fry crafts Half an hour consumption

Simple difficulty

    The method of fried beef steak

  • [ 123]
  • 1

Select the relatively fat fresh beef (hanging cage parts) and cut it into a slightly thicker piece.

  • 简单粗暴的新鲜牛扒的做法步骤:1 2

    You can also use the snowflake part, which will be more tender. Then slice it, put some ordinary corn oil first marinate, and sprinkle with a little sea salt (if not, you can use ordinary edible salt). It is more suitable for pickling overnight.

  • 简单粗暴的新鲜牛扒的做法步骤:2 3

    Put the butter in the pot to melt first, then add beef steak, fry medium heat, fry 2 It is about minutes. Don’t be too old.

  • 4 简单粗暴的新鲜牛扒的做法步骤:3 West blue flower and noodles in advance in water (add salt and oil) to cook, pick it up and filter Water, set. The beef steak is also set. Squeeze black pepper juice, homemade beef sauce, tomato sauce.

  • 5 简单粗暴的新鲜牛扒的做法步骤:4 Beef steak should be eaten while hot, and the knife must also be sharp to cut out such delicious beef steaks.

  • 6 简单粗暴的新鲜牛扒的做法步骤:5 The noodles I choose pumpkin flavor noodles, the color is very beautiful, I like the taste of this noodle. Stir with your own beef sauce 番 tomato sauce, eat it in one bite, especially satisfied! The noodles are replaced with your likes.

  • 7 简单粗暴的新鲜牛扒的做法步骤:6 butter, and black pepper juice, you can buy ready -made ones outside!


  • The word Steak in English is a collective name of steak. Tender beef willow, beef ridge), also known as Fillet, is the tender meat on the beef ridge. Due to tender meat, fried into 3 mature, 5 mature and 7 maturity.
    Beef steak 简单粗暴的新鲜牛扒的做法步骤:7 Rib-Eye (naked eye steak), lean and fat, because of a certain amount of fat, this kind of meat is more fragrant. Don’t fry too much when eating, 3 mature best.

    Sirloin (West Cold beef steak, beef ridge), contains a certain amount of fertilizer oil, because it is a beef ridge, a circle of white meat bands on the outer part of the meat, with strong toughness, hard meat, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing Head, suitable for young people and people with good teeth. During the consumption, cut the tendons with meat together, and do not fry too much.

    T-Bone (T bone steak), which is T-shaped, is the spine on the back of the beef. The amount of one side on both sides of T type is large and small, and the amount is more with the naked eye. The smaller amount is Fili. This kind of steak is more common in American restaurants. Due to the exquisite French food, T -bone beef steaks with large quantities and rough quality are used.

    The degree of maturity of beef steak is called \”a few mature\” in Western food

    3 mature (RARE): Cut the steak to see the section of only two layers of gray brown, between 70%of the meat is red and it has it with it with with red and with it. A lot of blood.

    5 mature (Medium): 50%of the pork in the center of the cut -off is red, with a small amount of blood.

  • 7 mature to full -cooked (WellDone): There is only a narrow red thread in the center of the cut steak to see the broken face, and the blood in the meat is almost dry. Westerners love to eat more delicious beef steaks. Because of this beef steak, it is slightly bloody and has a slightly bloody taste. Oriental people prefer 7 to mature, because they are afraid of seeing blood in the meat, they think that the less blood and water, the better. There are many factors that affect the taste of beef steak, such as eating speed. When the steak is on the table, the speed of enjoying the steak can determine whether the beef steak is delicious. Because there is both butter and blood in the steak, if the temperature is slightly lower, the fresh aroma of the steak will be reduced. It is common to cut the steak into small pieces and chew it a few times.How to eat.Eating beef steak pays attention to the heat, not enjoying the rotten taste. This is also the difference between stewed beef and fried beef steak in Western food.In addition, tableware will also affect the taste of steak.The knife for steak must be sharp, and sometimes it is because the knife is not sharp enough to directly cause your doubts about meat.Therefore, you must check whether the blade teeth are clear and clear before eating beef steak.In addition, the effect of sauce on the taste of beef steak is also great.

And I prefer to choose fresh beef, which feels healthier. It takes at least a month to go to China for one month. It feels frozen for too long!