The practice of nutritional noodles


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\”The normal husband will help me do some housework or do During meals, the dishes he fried were always not delicious, but I do n’t know why the dish fried when her husband made noodles is always good. I do n’t know if he was deliberately pretended, haha. …

I said to my husband last night that he hadn’t eaten noodles he made for a long time, and wanted to eat noodles a bit. Her husband promised to make noodles at noon to eat me and Xiaobao… Haha, happy Middle …

Someone feels good for cooking…

My husband asked me when eating: \”Did you learn?
I replied: \”No.
My husband said, \”You have taken a step by step, how could you not learn to learn?
I smiled and said, \”I can’t learn. I will change it to me next time. I still keep you a little survival. \”
My husband stared at his breath … haha \u200b\u200b…\”

The details of the ingredients


  • 500 grams

Auxiliary material

Pork [123 ] One

  • Cucumber One
  • Celery Two
  • Bean Jiao

  • Five
  • fungus

  • A moderate amount
  • A

  • Carrot
  • Half root

  • [ 123]
  • ingredients


A moderate amount

Thirteen incense

  • ] Chicken Essence
  • A little

  • Salted fresh flavor
  • Fried process
  • 简单难度


  • 老公的爱心营养餐之------营养拌面的做法步骤:1[123 ]


    Prepare ingredients for mixing noodles.

  • 老公的爱心营养餐之------营养拌面的做法步骤:2 2

    Just buyA pound of raw noodles.

  • 老公的爱心营养餐之------营养拌面的做法步骤:3 3

    Add water to the pot, and cook the noodles until the noodles are cooked.

  • 老公的爱心营养餐之------营养拌面的做法步骤:4 4

    Put the cooked noodles into the cool water prepared in advance.

  • 老公的爱心营养餐之------营养拌面的做法步骤:5 5

    The side dishes used by the mixed noodles into shred or long sections.

  • 老公的爱心营养餐之------营养拌面的做法步骤:6 6

    Refuel in the pot and heat it up. Put the shredded pork and stir -fry after oil heat.

  • 老公的爱心营养餐之------营养拌面的做法步骤:7 7

    Put it in the corner of the celery beans, then put the fungus and carrot shred Uncostable dishes are first entered, and they are well -cooked vegetables.

  • 8 老公的爱心营养餐之------营养拌面的做法步骤:8 Put the appropriate amount of salt and thirteen incense into the dishes, and finally fried all the dishes to eight mature pour Add a little chicken essence to the cucumber shredded, and it can be eaten. Eight mature is to keep the dish’s taste crispy.

  • 9 老公的爱心营养餐之------营养拌面的做法步骤:9 Remove the noodles just soaked in cold water.

  • 10 老公的爱心营养餐之------营养拌面的做法步骤:10 Put a layer of dishes on the surface to use it.


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