The practice of mutton dumplings


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\”Lamb is divided into lamb, cotton lamb, wild lamb. It can not only protect the wind and cold, but also supplement the body. For general wind and cold cough, chronic bronchitis, deficiency cold asthma, kidney loss, cold abdominal pain, cold body and cold, waist and knee sour All deficiency such as postpartum body deficiency and loss has the effect of treatment and replenishment. It is most suitable for winter consumption. Relaxed. In fact, if you can put 10 grams of licorice with 10 grams of licorice and cooking together, you can go to its sorbe without the flavor of lamb. , Cold pain, chills, chills, malnutrition, soft waist and knee, impotence and premature ejaculation, and all deficiency cold diseases are greatly beneficial; it has the effect of nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac, nourishing deficiency and temperature, and men are suitable for regular consumption. \”
[ 123]

ingredients details

Main ingredients



  • Flour [flour [flour [ 123] 500g

200 grams

  • Onion 20 grams
  • Ginger 10 grams
  • pepper

  • 3 grams
  • ]
  • ingredients

Filter wine

15 grams
Soy sauce

    15 grams

  • Salt
  • Affairs

  • MSG
  • A moderate amount

  • Pepper A moderate amount
  • Peanut Oil 40 grams
  • sesame oil 5 grams
  • Seasoning soy sauce

  • 10 grams Vinegar
  • 15 grams [123 ]

  • Salted and fresh flavor
  • Boil process

  • Time consumption ordinary difficulty
  • ]

The practice of mutton dumplings

  • 23] Wash the mutton first.

    Cut into a small piece.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:1


  • Soak the pepper on hot water and let it cool.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:2


  • Chop the mutton into mud, slowly add peppercorns in the middle.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:3


  • chopped onion and ginger and put into the meat filling.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:4


  • Pour in cooking wine and soy sauce and mix well.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:5


  • Wash the carrots, cut into slices with hot water.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:6


  • Chop into a broken end.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:7


  • Carrots and lamb filling together.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:8


  • Put peanut oil, salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:9


  • Mix it in one direction and set aside.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:10


  • Add water and dough in the flour, 饧 20 minutes.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:11


  • Cut and rub the growth bar, cut into a uniform dose.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:12


  • Press the hand with your hands.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:13


  • Roll it into a dough.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:14


  • Put the meat filling and wrap it up.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:15


  • Put the water in the pot, put the dumplings into the pot, pour the pot in a little cold water, wait for the pot to open the pan again Pour in cold water again. repeat three times. Wait for dumplings to float.

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:16


  • You can enjoy it.Use sesame oil, vinegar, and seasoning soy sauce to make juice, dip it in juice to eat good fragrance ~

  • 【冬季养生菜】羊肉水饺的做法步骤:17


    1, chopped mutton must add peppercorns to add peppercornsWater, avoid excessive taste.

    2. Put the dumplings in the pot, and slowly push it from the pot by a spoon to avoid dumplings from being stained under the pot.

    3. Put the cold water 3 times after the pan, and then cook the dumplings.The dumplings cooked like this are delicious.


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