The practice of mushroom and rapeseed bun

Recipe of shiitake mushroom and rapeseed bun

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Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Flour


  • Mushroom

    Appropriate amount

  • rape

    Appropriate amount

  • salt

    Appropriate amount

  • oil

    Appropriate amount

  • Pepper

    Appropriate amount

  • yeast


  • Soy sauce

    Appropriate amount

  • other


  • Steam


  • hours

    time consuming

  • Simple


Recipe steps of shiitake mushroom and rapeseed bun

  • Mushroom and rapeseed Practice steps: 1

    The stuffing is also very simple. The rapeseed should be blanched in advance. Cut the shiitake mushrooms into small cubes. After the noodles are rolled into dough, the fillings are adjusted to avoid water coming out.

  • Mushroom and rapeseed Practice steps: 2

    After the buns are wrapped, let them rise at room temperature for 20 minutes.

  • Mushroom and rapeseed Practice steps: 3

    This steamed bun is the best I have made so far, mainly because the skin is extra thick this time, but it is normal to be extra thick. The skin is made too thin, and the bottom of the bun is not good-looking.

  • Mushroom and rapeseed bun recipe steps: 4

    Calculated by myself for a long time, 300g flour was thinking of 10 servings, how could there be three or four bean buns, and the result was only one skin left… The bare one is the rare bean bag with green and oily fillings, isn’t it good~~

  • Mushroom and rapeseed Practice steps: 5

    The trotters are very simple, boil them in water, put them in a pressure cooker with aniseed, pepper, cinnamon, green onions, and ginger for 30 minutes. Add salt and sugar to a frying pan and boil until the sauce thickens. The pressure cooker is so soft that it melts in the mouth. If you like spicy food, you can add a chili pepper, but if you eat it hot later, the spiciness will increase…Winter melon is stir-fried. My husband doesn’t like seafood. I have never bought seafood such as dried shrimps at home…Stir-fried In the process of cooking, only salt is added, and the soup of pig’s trotters is used instead of soy sauce, which is not bad. The bean bag this time is much fluffier than the cornmeal bean bag, I don’t know why…


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