The practice of millet beef porridge


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\” In the summer, it seems that the hot millet porridge is even more unable to pull the side, but do you really understand Xiaomi? Xiaomi: sweet, cold, have spleen nourishing the stomach, regulating sleep, diuretic, clearing heat, etc. So hot summer, drinking millet porridge every day is greatly beneficial to the body!

If you feel monotonous every day, you can try this millet beef porridge. All! \”

The details of the ingredients

Main ingredients

    Qinzhou Huang Xiaomi

  • A moderate amount [ 123] Beef
  • A moderate amount

Auxiliary material

Carrot [123 ] A small number

  • A small amount
  • Seasoning





  • 耗油少量
  • 料酒少量[ 123]
  • Cooking process
  • Three -person bell time consumption

Simple difficulty [ 123]

    The practice of Xiaomi beef porridge

  • 1
  • Boil Xiaomi Porridge: Take out a small amount of Qinzhou Huang Xiaomi, and prepare enough water at 1:15 to boil millet porridge.

  • 2 沁州黄小米牛肉粥的做法步骤:1 The prepared beef strip.

  • 3 沁州黄小米牛肉粥的做法步骤:2 Prepare ginger, radish diced, lettuce.

  • 4 沁州黄小米牛肉粥的做法步骤:3 Mix the raw soy sauce, fuel consumption, ginger, cooking wine into beef, and pickle beef.

  • 5 沁州黄小米牛肉粥的做法步骤:4 Pour the marinated beef, radish diced, lettuce into the pot and continue cooking ten to ten tenJust minute.


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