The practice of meatballs and cabbage stewed noodles


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Main ingredients [123 ]


  • 5 blockbusters
  • Sweet potato noodles

  • 1 Pork
  • 1 piece (About 200 grams)

  • Onion
  • A moderate amount

  • Affairs
  • ] Accessories
  • Oyster sauce 1 spoon
  • Smooth 2 spoons
  • Thirteen incense A little
  • Chicken powder A moderate amount

A moderate amount


Xianxiang flavor

    Stewing process

  • A consumption of time 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:1

    Ordinary difficulty

    Meatballs The method of stewed noodles stewing of cabbage

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:2

    Sweet potato noodles bubbles in advance with water, this noodle is very tough, To cook, I must soak in advance. I am soaked in about 2 hours before cooking

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:3
    onion ginger cut Broken, add an appropriate amount of water, soak for a while, make onion ginger water

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:4 Wash Chinese cabbage

    [ 123]

  • 4
    Cut into a strip 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:5

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:6
    ] 5

    Wash and chopped pork into meat filling

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:7


    Add oyster sauce, raw soy sauce, thirteen, thirteenth Mix well, add onion and ginger water a little bit, stir in one direction, and mix each time until the onion ginger water is completely absorbed and then add again.

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:8


    Stir the powerful meat filling again and repeatedly, making it more flexible

    [ 123]

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:9 8

    Add a large bowl of water to the pot, boil over low heat until the surrounding bubbles, do not burn it

    [ 123]

  • 9
    Grab a handful of meat stuffing around and right, squeeze out an appropriate amount of meat filling from the mouth of the tiger, take a small spoon with a small spoon and put it in the water (take a mobile phone with your right hand to take a picture, you can’t take the meat to take the meat. Photo of Maru) 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:10

  • 10

  • Inquire ]

    Cook the meatballs until the meatballs are set, turn to medium heat and boil, clean the surface of the surface

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:12


    Set the meatball soup with the foam, turn off the fire

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:13 13

    Start with the pan, heat the oil to heat, stun the green onion ginger

  • 14
    The cabbage bar stir -fry [ 123] 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:14


  • Fry until the cabbage becomes soft

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:15


  • Add a little raw soy sauce

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:16


  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:17

    Add the soup that has just been cooked.

  • 19
    Add an appropriate amount of chicken powder 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:18

  • Soft noodles

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:19


    Stew until cabbage and noodles are basically cooked

  • [ 123] 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:20

    Add the cooked meatballs

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:21
    23 [ 123] Add salt to season, stew for another two minutes

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:22 24

    Add some coriander

  • 肉丸白菜炖粉条的做法步骤:23 25

    The pot is directly served and opened.


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