The practice of meatball tofu_Micow furnace series —- Meatball tofu_How to make meatball tofu


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500 grams of tofu, edible oil, edible oil
Meatball ingredients:
Pork, shallots, refined salt,
fine salt, Li Jinji raw soy sauce, seasoning.
123] 2. Add seasoning and marinated.
3. Remake the meatballs ingredients,
Pork chop into meat mud, cut the green onion, add an appropriate amount of salt and mix well. Good tofu plate,
5. Make the mixed meatballs mud into a meatball code on the tofu.
6. Drizzle with oil
7. Put it into a microwave oven for 5 minutes. That is. \”

The details of the ingredients



Auxiliary materials

Edit oil


  • Pork A moderate amount
  • Sevel A moderate amount
  • refined salt

  • A moderate amount
  • ingredients [ingredients [ingredient 123]

Essential salt



  • Seasoning sauce A moderate amount [appropriate amount [appropriate quantity 123]
  • Onion flavor

  • Stewing process
  • Half an hour consumption

Advanced difficulty [ 123]

    The practice of meatball tofu

  • 1
  • Tofu 500 gram.