The practice of meat pine_How to do meat pine


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\”The Qingming Festival is made of youth group, and a lot of meat pine first made a lot of meat pine . Meatson can be sandwiched in the toast, can be placed in the noodles, and can be mixed with salted egg yolk in the youth group. The meat pine made by yourself can choose high -quality meat, hygiene and delicious. The meat pine, adding cumin and not adding cumin, are delicious. ^^
ingredient details
The main ingredients
[ 123]

  • Pork A moderate amount

Auxiliary material

Oyster sauce [123 ] Appropriate amount

  • Shengpan Affairs
  • Salt
  • white sugar 1-2 spoon [spoon
  • 1-2 spoons

  • 123] Onion
  • A moderate amount

  • Ginger
  • A moderate amount

  • Cumin Affairs
  • [123 ]

Salted fresh flavor

Stir -fried process

    A few hours

  • Simple difficulty
  • ]

The method of meat pine

  • 1 肉松的做法步骤:1 The meat was washed, cut into pieces, put in the pot in the pot Add ginger, shallots and water, boil, and skim off the foam. Cook for a while, about an hour, make the meat rot. Make meat pine can harvest a pot of broth. ^^

  • 2 肉松的做法步骤:2 Cook it and remove it. The broth can be drunk directly or cooking noodles. ^^

  • 3 肉松的做法步骤:3 Use a rolling pin to pump the meat into shredded meat. The thinner the better.

  • 4 肉松的做法步骤:4 Wash the pan, dry the water in the pot, pour into the shredded pork, add raw soy sauce, add raw soy sauce , Oyster sauce, salt, sugar, stir -fry the minimum heat, and evaporate the water in the meat. The seasoning is not needed, and stir -fry. You can add it slowly while frying.

  • 5 肉松的做法步骤:5 Add some sesame oil during the stir -fry process. However, this step can be saved, the sesame oil is added, and the fragrance is stronger than the flavor of the meatIf it is, it covers the taste of the original ingredients of the meat pine.Season can not be added, or just add a little bit.

  • 6 肉松的做法步骤:6 Fry it!Divide the meat pine into two copies, one of which adds cumin and stir fry a few times.You can put it in a clean fresh -keeping box and take it with food.^^


The fresh -keeping box must not have water.Put the meat in the fresh -keeping box and store it strictly.It is recommended not to do too much at once, it is more appropriate to eat within a week.Of course, it depends on the weather. If the weather is humid, it is better to eat it as soon as possible.^^


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