The practice of meat mud_Baby supplement to meat and mud family common practices, 6 months+_ how to make meat mud


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Basic practices, there are many centered babies supplement recipes on the public account \”Point Mom Aid Food\”. You can view it. \”

The details of the ingredients

Main ingredients

  • Pork 50g
Original flavor


  • Simple difficulty

  • The method of meat mud

  • 1 宝宝辅食肉泥家常做法,6个月+的做法步骤:1 For your baby, you can choose the end meat for complementary foods. If you use mud, the linsee and leg meat can be used. This is a amount of 50 grams, and today’s recipes are used.

  • 2 宝宝辅食肉泥家常做法,6个月+的做法步骤:2 If it is a baby who has just added supplementary food, you can add it from about 10 grams, and then slowly increase. Eggs are allergic to babies, so eat more red meat, which is a good alternative. Cold water into the pan and cook with ginger slices to remove some fishy smell.

  • 3 宝宝辅食肉泥家常做法,6个月+的做法步骤:3 The cooked meat is removed, cut into small pieces, put in the cooking machine, and into mud. You can also cut it into pieces first, and then cook in the pot.

  • 4
    It is the effect in the figure below, about 7 months, this is okay, which is okay Essence 宝宝辅食肉泥家常做法,6个月+的做法步骤:4

  • 5
    If you are a baby who just adds supplementary food, you can add some water and be more delicate. It’s almost the same. If you want more delicate results, add a little more water and beat for a while. 宝宝辅食肉泥家常做法,6个月+的做法步骤:5


  • Let’s talk about a common problem first.

After the baby adds supplementary food in 6 months, you can eat it.

Babies who have just added supplementary food need to add high iron content to get enough iron to prevent the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia.

Meat, especially red meat (pork, beef and mutton), not only rich high -quality proteins, but also rich in iron, zinc and other nutrients.For babies who have just added supplementary food, they are very good iron supplement foods.

If it is pure breastfeeding and the mother itself is also deficient in iron, the possibility of the baby’s iron deficiency is more likely. Be sure to add red meat to the pig liver.

If it is an egg -allergic baby, you need to pay more attention to the supplement of meat foods. You can usually eat more meat to replace part of the nutrition of the eggs.

Other babies can be checked at the public account of the mother -in -law.


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