The practice of meat clipped


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\”Although it is not from Shaanxi, but as the north grew up Children, no stranger to meat crickets. When you remember to go to college, the stalls passing by the school every day will never be avoided. I still feel a little expensive, and I am not willing to buy it every meal. Now the price is soaring. I saw a Qinzhen Mippi shop on the way to work a few days ago. Two, a bowl of rice skin. It’s just that the meat is 10 yuan per yuan, but the meat is poor. It is really upset. Eat a fun. \”

ingredients details


  • 500g [123 ]
  • flour

  • 350 grams

Auxiliary material

dry yeast [ 123] 4 grams

  • white sugar 10 grams
  • ingredients


A piece


    2 tablets

  • Zanthol One
  • 123] 1
  • Dry pepper

  • 4-5
  • Salted fresh flavor
  • [ 123] Stewing process

  • A few hours of time
  • Simple difficulty

Practice steps of meat clip

  • [ 123]

  • 1
  • 准备好材料

  • 2[ 123] Pork is cut into large pieces and slices of ginger. 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:1

  • 3
    Put the pork pieces into the pressure cooker and inject cold water without pork. Put all spices and ginger slices, and add salt, sugar, cooking wine, raw soy sauce, and old soy sauce. 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:2

  • 4

  • The pressure cooker cover the cover for about 20 minutes, and continue to be stuffy after the heat preservation.

  • 5

  • Put the flour into the pot, add 4 grams of yeast and 10 grams of sugar, mix well.

  • 6

  • slowly pour 180 grams Essence

  • 7

  • Get up the dough with your hands, as long as you make a group, it doesn’t matter if the surface is rough. Cover the plastic wrap for 10 minutes.

  • 8

  • After 10 minutes, rub the dough with your hands, until the surface is smooth, covering the plastic wrap to twice as large.

  • 9

  • Lifting the fermented dough with his hand is completely honeycomb, which represents the sending.

  • 10

  • Take out the hair surface, put the flour on the chopping board, and rub the air a few times, and discharge the air.

  • 11

  • Grow the dough.

  • 12

  • According to your own needs, cut into an appropriate amount of small paragraphs (I make 8 cakes of this amount of noodles just).

  • 13

  • Take a small dough and flatten it with hand, roll it into a peaked tongue with a rolling pin.

  • 14

  • Fold.

  • 15

  • Roll up from one end.

  • 16

  • The small side of the layer is placed on the chopping board.

  • 17

  • Press flat with your hands.

  • 18

  • Roll it into a slap cake with a rolling pin.

    19 [12

  • Don’t stick to the fire on the fire, low heat, put the cake directly into the pot, don’t cheer.

  • 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:18


  • First low fire and cover. After all the cakes are cooked, turn to the fire.

  • 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:19


  • The stewed meat soup is removed and placed in the bowl, and the spice is abandoned.

  • 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:20


  • Put the soup on the meat while chopping it with a knife, so that the minced meat to fully absorb the soup The taste of the juice also makes the meat do not dry firewood.

  • 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:21


  • Take a cake, hold the cake on your left hand, and take the knife with your right hand.

  • 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:22


  • Do not exceed half of the cake. Be careful not to wear it.

  • 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:23


  • Send the meat with a knife and pour 2 spoons of meat in the end, so that the cake fully absorbs the soup Essence

  • 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:24


  • The meat clip is completed

  • 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:25

    small Tips

    1. It is best to choose a bit fat in pork, so it tastes better. However, I don’t like to eat fat, so I choose lean meat and taste good.

    2. The pepper and sugar in the halogen are completely flavorful, and they can not eat spicy and sweet. Of course, you can also use your own taste. I have also eaten cumin. There is also a kind of stew to switch to fried shredded meat and put in green peppers, which is also a flavor.

    3. Put sugar in the hair noodles to help it ferment, and you ca n’t eat sweetness, so you do n’t need to worry about whether it will be sweet.

  • 4. After the crushed dough is made with a hand, it needs to be placed for 10 minutes because it is very strong in the face of the group. If it is very time -consuming and laborious, it will be relaxed for 10 minutes. The ground becomes smooth.

  • 5. The size of the cake embryos (what you see is obtained). Although it is hair, it will only become thicker and will not become larger after incorporating the pot. That’s OK.
    6. It is best to eat cakes now. If you want the cake, it is better to bake it. If you do n’t have time to make cakes like me, you can bake more cakes at a time. When you eat it, you can use an oven or a polyshi furnace to bake the same as the new one. 陕西肉夹馍的做法步骤:26


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