The practice of Mapo Tofu


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\”Mapo Tofu-famous products in Sichuan cuisine. The characteristic is hemp, spicy, hot, fragrant, crispy, tender, fresh. It is called eight -character motto. The materials include tofu, beef broken, Dianxian Douban, pepper noodles and peppercorns. A small restaurant named \”Chen Xingsheng’s Restaurant\” in Wanfuqiao, the northern suburbs of the city, created by Chen Liu, the owner of \”Chen Xingsheng’s Restaurant\”. Chen Liu’s face was numb, and he was called Chen Mapo. \”.

Let this authentic\” Mapo Tofu \”enrich the dining table for the festival! I hope you do n’t miss it ~\”

ingredients details

[ 123] Main ingredients

  • Accessories


20 grams

  • ingredients

郫County Douban Sauce


pepper powder

    A moderate amount

  • Chili powder A moderate amount
  • Onion A moderate amount
  • Soy sauce A moderate amount
  • Maternal Variety
  • salt

  • [ 123] Sugar
  • A moderate amount

  • Starch
  • A moderate amount

  • garlic seedlings A moderate amount
  • Ginger A moderate amount [ 123]
  • garlic

  • A moderate amount
  • Ten minutes takes time
  • Simple difficulty

The practice of Mapo tofu

  • [123 ]

  • 1

  • Tofu small pieces


Onion ginger and garlic cut into Douxian Douban Douxian County Douban Cut the pepper powder for spare

  • 麻婆豆腐的做法步骤:1

    Pet pepper grainDry in the pan until reddish brown

  • 麻婆豆腐的做法步骤:2

    Pressing it with a rolling pin to pink

  • 麻婆豆腐的做法步骤:3

    The pressed pepper powder is shown in Figure

  • 麻婆豆腐的做法步骤:4


    Beef chopped into the last seasoning

  • 麻婆豆腐的做法步骤:5 7

    Tofu in boiling water and remove it


  • 麻婆豆腐的做法步骤:6


    Stir -fry the fire on the fire, pour the oil (slightly large) heated to 50 % of the oil temperature, and stir -fry the beef [123 123

  • 麻婆豆腐的做法步骤:7


    Put in Douxian Douban Chili Noodle Fire on Low Fry, Sweet Red, Ginger, Ginger Garlic, Fragrant Fragrant and Cooking Wine, A small amount of soy sauce, a little salt, sugar

  • 麻婆豆腐的做法步骤:8 10

    Add about 30 grams of water and add tofu.Time in minutes

  • 11 麻婆豆腐的做法步骤:9 Lower garlic seedling water starch and sprinkle with pepper powder to

  • ]


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