The practice of Luoyang Waterfront Peony Swallows

\”\” Peony Swallow \” – is the most famous dish in Luoyang’s water seat. Its unique thing is to carefully cook the ordinary white radish and make the bird’s nest taste after multiple layers of process. Beautiful shape, delicious soup, hot and sour fragrance, smooth and palatable, and rich cultural connotation.
\”Peony Swallow\” began in Luoyang, once called \”Luoyang Yancai\”. History.
Luoyang is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains and is in the world. It is the famous millennium emperor. The ancient capital of the Thirteen Dynasties, its long history has gone through 5,000 years from the summer and Zhou Dynasty. In the world of Peony April, in April and May of each year, \”Flowers bloom for 20 days, and people in a city are mad.\” Peony flowers are graceful and luxurious. It is a wonderful work, and it is known as Longmen Grottoes and Luoyang Peony, and is called \”Luoyang Sanzhang\”.
Luoyang’s water seat began in the Tang Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,300 years. The most complete and long -awaited set of famous banquets, due to its grand elegance, unique style, extensive selection of materials, carefully cooked and delicate, delicious taste, comfortable and refreshing taste, won the praise of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign guests.
The Luoyang water seats almost have soups, dry and orderly, and soup goes with the vegetables. Because of the soup, it looks like soup and water. During the dish, it is the end of the table one by one. After eating one plate, it will be removed and then put on another plate. There are salty, sour and spicy. Historical scenery, the scenery is unlimited. Luoyang water seats are famous for \”hot and cold, soft and thick, and the sea river is sweet and sour.\” First of all, there is a beautiful legend about its origin. Legend of Wu Zetian is known as the Emperor’s years, and Huaxia has no war. In addition, it is a great heyday of the peace and the pioneering. There is a large radish in the vegetable field, about three feet long, white and white, and weighing about 20 or 30 pounds. Viewing the vegetable farmers as a strange thing, just treat it as a mascot. This big radish symbolizes the windy rain and Guotai people, and then ordered the people to send it to the royal dining room to make the chefs cook. In order to show their superb skills, they carefully process it, and they are accompanied by mountains and seafood. After taste, it feels unique, fresh and refreshing, and has the flavor of bird’s nest. It gives the name: \”Sai Bird’s Nest\”. Since then, no matter the princes, the relatives of the emperor, or the people of the dawn, this dish is selected in the formal banquet to make it make it to make it make it. Ascending to the Church of Daya, it is loved by the public. Later, the scriptures are derived, and a variety of raw materials are prepared. It can not only use precious mountains and seafood, but also use ordinary shredded pork and eggs.With the changes in history, after the hard work of the chefs of the past, this dish has become increasingly perfect because it originated in Luoyang, so it is called \”Luoyang Yan cuisine\”.
Until October 1973, the then Canadian Prime Minister Trudeo visited China at that time, accompanied by the beloved Prime Minister Zhou, came to Luoyang to taste the Luoyang water seat. When making swallows, a peony flower made of eggs was specially placed in a prominent position. Make it more auspicious. As soon as he appeared, it attracted everyone’s attention. A yellow peony flower floated on the soup noodles, and the flowers and vegetables were fragrant. Premier Zhou is very happy and funny: \”Luoyang Peony Armor can also produce peony flowers in the dishes.\” Since then, \”Luoyang Yancai\” has been renamed \”Peony Swallow\”. \”

The details of the ingredients

Main ingredients

    White radish

  • 1 about 1500 grams [123 ]

Auxiliary materials

shiitake mushroom

3 Duo

  • Ham [123 ] Appropriate amount
  • Winter bamboo shoots

  • Affairs
  • Chicken

  • Affairs Squid
  • Affairs

  • Egg
  • 2

  • Crab meat stick
  • 2

  • Soup
  • A moderate amount

  • Coriander [ 123] 1
  • ingredients
  • Salt
  • 2 tea spoons


White sugar

1/2 tea spoon

  • Chicken essence A moderate amount
  • Vinegar

  • Affairs
  • Peppole powder

  • 1 Tea spoon
  • Mung bean starch

  • 3 big spoon
  • Light flavor [ 123]
  • Steaming process

  • A few hours of time
  • Advanced difficulty

The practice of Luoyang water seat peony swallow vegetables



  • 1

  • The main ingredients of the peony swallow vegetables: white radish
  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:1


  • 2 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:2 The side dishes used in peony swallows: shiitake mushrooms, ham, eggs, squid, winter bamboo shoots, chicken, crab meat sticks. (One point for each)

  • 3
    Wash the head, tail and skin of the white radish, cut into thinness piece. 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:3

  • 4
    Cut in order. 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:4

  • 5
    Then cut into a fine radish silk. 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:5

  • 6
    The cut radish shreded soaked in water for half an hour and replaced the water twice in the middle. 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:6

  • 7
    At this time, prepare for side dishes. First push the eggs into the bowl, add a few grains of salt, disperse, and spread into egg skin 3 times. 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:7

  • 8
    A piece of egg skin is cut into shreds, and the other two pieces of egg skin are cut into triangles. Flowers. 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:8

  • 9
    Squid shreds and shiitake mushrooms need to be soaked in advance. (Squid is about half a day, the shiitake mushrooms can be 1 hour) 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:9

  • 10

  • Cut the shiitake mushrooms, ham, winter bamboo shoots, chicken, and cut separately, respectively Become filament. The crab meat stick is torn into small strips with the lines and washed the shredded squid.

  • 11

  • Add an appropriate amount of water to boil in the pot, and add 1 tea spoon and a little edible oil. Then add chicken shreds, shiitake mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, squid shreds, simmer the water, remove the draining water for later use.

  • 12

  • At this time, the radish shreds were soaked and drained the water. (After soaking the radish, it becomes very real after soaking, not only not spicy, but also helps to shoot powder)



  • Pour the drained radish silk into a larger pot.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:13


  • Sprinkle 3 tablespoons of mung bean starch

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:14 [123 ]


    Gently stir well.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:15


    The steamed kitchen special steamed cloth is covered with a wirled kitchen, and the radish is poured in.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:16


    Put it in a steamer that has been boiled and steam for 5 minutes.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:17


    The steamed radish silk poured into the cool white open, and gently dispersed with chopsticks.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:18


    At this time, the radish at this time, whether it looks or tastes, has been somewhat similar to Yancai (bird’s nest). Essence

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:19


  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:20

    Then put it in the shallow soup plate and make it a little.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:21

    The prepared side vegetable shreds are slightly smooth, and then paved on the radish shredded.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:22

    Make the previously prepared triangular egg skin into the petals of peony flowers and insert it in the radish, and Make a peony flower.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:23

    Steam for 5 minutes into the water pot again. Let the taste of mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, ham, chicken shreds and other ingredients dissolve into the shredded radish.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:24

    Pour an appropriate amount of broth in the pot, (with 2/3 part of the 2/3 part of the stalls ), Add 1 tea spoon salt, 1/2 tea spoon sugar, 1 tea spoon white pepper. After boiling, turn off the heat, and then add a little vinegar and chicken essence.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:25

    along the edge of the soup plate, slowly pour into the plate. Soak the soup soaked in the swallow.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:26

    Sprinkle with an appropriate amount of coriander or green onion to serve. Dip the radish and side dishes when eating, mix with the soup to eat together. Fresh fragrance.

  • 洛阳水席之头牌—牡丹燕菜的做法步骤:27 Tips
    Poetry Heart Film: 1: The white radish of making peony swallows is best to choose the three pounds without braningLarge radish.

    2: Take the middle section of the radish and cut it into uniform filaments, so that the shape of the radish silk is similar to the bird’s nest.

    3: The radish must be soaked first. This will not only remove the spicy taste of the radish, but also the soaked radish silk is quite solid, which helps to shoot powder in the latter step.

    4: After soaking the radish, drain the water in full, so that it is not only easy to shoot uniform when shooting powder, but also not easy to group.

  • 5: After steaming the radish for the first time, it must be gently when dialing, so as not to shatter the confusion. The purpose is to scatter the radish.

6: In order to taste authentic, you must use mung bean starch to make this dish, not only crystal clear, but also the taste is particularly good, but also like bird’s nest.


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