The practice of Korean dumplings soup


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\”Dumpling soup

The dumpling soup is in the beef soup The food made in dumplings in the dumplings is a food that people love during the Spring Festival in the north. Dumplings are mixed with meat, tofu, kimchi and other ingredients in dumplings made of flour and noodles. I wrap it out of the stuffing. Because of the meaning of \”blessing ‘to eat, it is mostly eaten during the Spring Festival. According to the scholar Li Yan (1629-1690) of the Ancestral Emperor of the Korean ancestor, it can be speculated that the dumplings are in North Korea in North Korea. It was introduced into South Korea before the middle period. \”

ingredients details

Main ingredients



  • ] 300g
  • flour

  • 150g
  • 160g

Auxiliary material



  • Onion 50g
  • garlic 20g
  • Mung bean sprouts A moderate amount
  • Cabbage kimchi 160g
  • Tofu

  • 160g
  • Egg

  • 120g (
  • celery

  • 10g
  • Missing

  • 9g
  • garlic mud [ 123] 5.5g

  • ingredients




123] Sesame Salt


  • Sesame Oil 13g
  • Qing Sauce

  • 9g
  • [ 123] Original flavor
  • Boil process A consumption of time
  • ordinary difficulty

Korean dumplings Step of the soup

  • 1

  • The beef wipes the blood with cotton cloth, cleans and wash the onion and garlic. Pour beef and water for soup in the pot,Boil about 10 minutes on high heat. When you boil until you boil, turn to medium heat and cook for about 30 minutes. After adding the onion and garlic, you can cook for about 20 minutes. After about 20 minutes, remove the beef and dry the broth for a while. (1.6kg).
  • Put salt and noodles in the flour, wrap it in a slightly wet cotton cloth for about 30 minutes. (220g).

The spicy cabbage Buddha went to the heart, chopped and squeezed the water carefully. (85g). Tofu tofu is wrapped in cotton cloth, dried water, and crushed with a knife body. (100g). Wash the mung bean sprouts.

The egg yolk and the protein are separated to fry, the celery stalls into a cake, and the diamond shape of about 2cm is cut. (Dumpling soup)

Make vinegar soy sauce.

Pour the water in the pot, boil on the heat for about 5 minutes, add salt and mung bean sprouts when boiling, and (焯) for about 2 minutes, cut into 0.5cm long and squeeze the water. (100g).

  • 正宗韩国饺子汤的做法的做法步骤:1

    The chopped beef. Pickle. Tofu. The mung bean buds are added in the large bowl, adding the flavoring sauce, and mixing and seasoning evenly (making dumplings filling). (460g).

    First knead the flour into a dough, roll out the round dumpling skin with a thickness of 0.2cm and 7 ~ 8cm in diameter.

  • 3
    Put the dumplings filling in the dumpling skin (23g). Paste the end and wrap into a round hat. (20). 正宗韩国饺子汤的做法的做法步骤:2


  • 10. Pour the broth in the pot, cook for about 6 minutes on high heat Add the sauce and salt to make sauce soup. Put the dumplings when the sauce soup is boiling and cook for about 4 minutes. After the dumplings come up, turn it on the heat for about 4 minutes, put it in a large bowl, and put it on the celery pancake. Yellow and white egg skin, on the table with vinegar soy sauce

  • 正宗韩国饺子汤的做法的做法步骤:3


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