The practice of Korean cornucopia_ [Taggig pot] [The secret of the Korean MM is not fat] Korean cornucopia

\”I was very happy to receive the tower -style pot of the food world. I saw that many relatives had passed their recipes. I finally received this morning. I came back to make this Korean cuisine at night. Today I watched a lot of Korean cuisine materials. They There are five -color secrets, and there are small secrets that South Korea MM is not fat and a lot, so I also want to share my health Korean cuisine with everyone. Thank you for your own food in the world in just two and a half months to the stars. Taking care and concern, and the hard work of the gourmet administrators ~~~ Thank you all ~~~ Dear, you teach me a lot, here are very friendly and warm. \”

ingredients details [ 123]

Main ingredients


    A piece

  • Kelp One yuan and five cents
  • [ 123]

  • Lettuce One yuan pentagram
  • Carrot A
  • Cucumber

  • One
  • ] Egg Two
  • Dried Dried Two pieces
  • canned lunch meat
  • Flammulina mushrooms

  • Two yuan
  • Letter

5 tablets

  • [ 123] Hai Mi
  • One

  • Onion ginger garlic
  • Moderate

  • Salt salt Two spoons
  • Chicken Essence One spoon
  • cooking wine Two spoons [ 123]
  • Oyster sauce

  • A spoon
  • Swear

  • A big spoon White granulated sugar
  • A small spoon [123 ]

Salted and fresh flavor

Stewed process

    Half -hour time consumption

  • Ordinary difficulty [123 ]
  • The practice of the Korean cornucopia

Prepare all the preparations Things, cucumbers, carrots, enoki mushrooms, shallots, dried beans, lunch meat, kelp, lettuce, lettuce.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:1

    Driedans into two halves, cut lunch meat into a box of dried beans, clamp the lunch meat in the middle, and use shallot leaves.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:2

    Make it like this.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:3

    Fry the eggs and cut into thin strips.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:4

    Lettuce cut.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:5

    Cut the carrots, once cucumber, kelp, and enoki mushroom cut cuts.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:6

    Put the lettuce in the middle.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:7

    Beef cut slices, use pepper noodles, salty salt, cooking wine for 10 minutes, put in the middle.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:8

    Hai Mi bubble for later use.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:9

    The pot is hot, pour the soaked sea rice, add peppercorns, raw soy sauce, chicken essence, salty, salty, salty, salty, salty, salty Salt, cooking wine, and oyster sauce began to cook.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:10

    Put these juice on the shedded dishes.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:11

    Cover the pot and open the heat to start stew.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:12

    The pot will have water out of water, because the pot will be hard, but everyone can rest assured.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:13

    Keep stew until the bubbling.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:14

    Look at the beautiful color of this pot, will everyone have appetite.

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:15

    Only on the green onion, beautiful and delicious

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:16

  • ]

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:17


    finished picture

  • 【塔吉锅】【韩国MM之所以不胖的秘诀】韩式聚宝盆的做法步骤:18


    Pick up a piece to taste it, great

  • Tips

The color of Korean cuisine is in color and nutrition. The things in this pot are checked by the nutrition match. In fact, you can also put your favorite tricks according to your own intentions.Sex, because of the beautiful nutritional stomach first ~~~~ This is the 38th gift I gave you ~~~ I hope you are happy today ~~~.