The practice of hibiscus lotus

Hibiscus lotus recipe

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“I saw someone make it in the recipe before, and I followed it. I changed some steps by myself. It feels good and tastes good, but just like what netizens said, It’s not easy to use chopsticks, hehe, I have to improve!”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Cabbage

    Appropriate amount

  • Broth

    Appropriate amount

  • Garlic minced

    Appropriate amount

  • Millet Pepper


  • Spicy black bean sauce

    2 scoops

  • Spicy


  • cook


  • half an hour

    time consuming

  • unknown


The practice steps of hibiscus and lotus

  • Hibiscus lotus practice steps :1

    The millet pepper is very spicy, just for decoration, it is best to cut a few less.

  •  The practice steps of hibiscus lotus: 2

    Stir-fry the spicy black bean sauce in a pan and add some water to make a sauce for later use.

  •  The practice steps of hibiscus lotus: 3

    I forgot to take a picture here. Cut the cabbage in half from the middle, leave the root, and use a knife or scissors to trim it into a petal shape from the outside to the inside.

  •  The practice steps of hibiscus lotus: 4

    Pour the soup into the pot, (I put the beef soup, you can also put it in water, add a little salt) put the cabbage flower in the pot and cook, use a spoon to pour the soup on the petals repeatedly, the cabbage Just crispy.

  •  The practice steps of hibiscus lotus: 5

    Take out the cabbage and put it on the plate (I put some minced beef in the middle)

  •  The practice steps of hibiscus lotus: 6

    Then pour over the black bean sauce, sprinkle with chopped millet pepper and chopped garlic. Beautiful flowers are coming out!


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