The practice of hair blood


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]

Soybean sprouts

    200 grams

  • 300g
  • Beef 100 Gram
  • Niu Lai Ye 50 grams
  • Qianpi Tofu

  • 50 grams Raw Fan
  • 2 grams

  • Dry red pepper
  • Seven or eight

  • Pepper
  • Cooked white sesame A small Pick up
  • Sevel One
  • Garlic Cloves Two pieces
  • Auxiliary materials


2 grams

Douban sauce in the county

30 grams
strong Tang Bao


  • Old soy sauce
  • 1 gram

  • 5 grams
  • Spicy flavor
  • Boil process

  • Half an hour consumption Ordinary difficulty

Mao Step of blood prosperity

  • 1
  • Soybean sprouts simmer in water and spread on the bottom of the bowl.


  • Beef slices (not too thin), add 1 gram of salt, raw powder, old soy sauce, cooking wine pickled 10 minutes.

  • 3

  • Duck blood and beef louver cut small pieces, simmer the water for later use.

  • 4

  • Chixian Douban sauce chopped, thousands of pages of tofu slices, dried red pepper scissors.

  • 5

  • Put the oil in the wok, stir -fried the marinated beef, and set out for later use.

  • 6

  • Put another pan and put the oil, add Douban sauce and stir -fry red oil.

  • 7

  • Add three bowls of water (about 800 grams), put a thick soup treasure, dried red pepper and put half of it. In the pot, the rest should be used.

  • 8

  • After the soup is boiled, add duck blood and beef louder and beef for three minutes.

  • 9

  • Put the thousand pages of tofu and cook for five or six minutes, taste the taste of the soup, according to your own taste, according to your own taste Add salt as appropriate.

  • 10

  • Cook in the pot, don’t be idle, chopped garlic, and the half -drying left before Put red pepper and peppercorns and cooked white sesame seeds in a rice bowl.

  • 11

  • After cooking, pour it into the king of soybean sprouts, a little green Organize.

  • 12

  • Wash the wok, pour in half a bowl of oil, burn it to the green smoke, while it is hot to enter the peppercorns In the material, the aroma is squeezed, and then wrap the bowl with a rag, pour it from the onion in the middle.

  • 13

  • Almost, just sprinkle a few grains on the surface.

    This is a simplified version. You have enough food to eat, and then want to add any catfish squid ham and the like. Cook slowly