The practice of green pepper shredded noodles


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\”Sudden cooling these days, I still have a slow response. Not ready to welcome the winter temperature, and the cool wind blew home from work on the way home.
When I got home, I was cold and hungry. I just wanted to have a bowl of hot noodles! A large mouthful of noodles filled the empty stomach, chewed a solid flesh, full of energy! It’s too satisfying, there are wood! ]
The details of the ingredients
Main ingredients



  • Gry 3
  • Face

  • A small handle
  • Auxiliary material


123] Garlic

2 petals



  • 1 piece
  • [123 ]
  • Seasoning


1 small spoon


2 spoons

[ 123]

Lao Suo

    Half a spoon

  • cooking wine
  • 1 spoon

  • Oyster sauce 1 spoon
  • ] Starch 2 spoons
  • Oil A moderate amount
  • slightly spicy flavor

] Cooking process

Half an hour time consuming

  • Simple difficulty
  • The method of silk on the green pepper meat noodles

  • [ 123]


Prepare the required ingredients.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:1


    chopped onion ginger and garlic, washed and shredded by green peppers.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:2


    Wash the pork clean with kitchen paper towels to dry water, and cut into shredded meat for use.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:3
    4 [12 123] The fatty meat part is spare out of the small bowl alone, which will be used to boil lard.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:4

    2 spoons of starch, 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, half a spoonful of old soy sauce, 2 tablets 2 tablets, 2 tablets Ginger chop, put a little pepper, stir together and marinate together for ten minutes.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:5

    The time of marinated pork is fried lard, pour an appropriate amount of oil in the pot, pour it into the fat Slowly fry the meat.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:6

    Fry the lard and fry until the fat becomes a crispy oil residue.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:7

    Remove the oil, this oil will be used to fried shredded meat later, the remaining oil will next next time For cooking, the oil residue can be eaten directly with cumin and salt and salt! But incense is not flickering! In addition, the oil residue is also particularly fragrant!

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:8

    Pour the appropriate amount of oil just boiled in the pot, add the onion ginger, garlic and fry.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:9

    Pour the shredded pork and stir fry until the color is changed, fry the heat for a while!

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:10

    Pour the green pepper, stir -fry evenly, add 1 spoon of salt, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, stir -fry evenly.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:11

    Pour a little hot water, stir -fry the high heat, leave a little soup for noodle soup marinade, cook well All of them are spare.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:12

    Pour water in the pot and boil the noodles.

  • 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:13

    Put the cooked noodles and green pepper shredded in the bowl, and then pour it into the noodle soup just cooked Over noodles, I put the oil residue together, which is particularly delicious!

  • Tips 冬季暖胃汤面-青椒肉丝面的做法步骤:14

    The frying oil residue is more time -consuming, the troubled friends can buy pure lean meat and do it directly.


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