The practice of green pepper shredded meat


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\”Green pepper shredded,\” Home -cooked dishes, spicy taste, complete dishes and fragrance, simple operation, rich nutritional value. Dingyuanfeng professional chef told you to make garlic seedlings fried meat, and the chefs in minutes, relatives and friends are looking at you. \”

[ 123]

ingredients details

Main ingredient 123] 200g

    Auxiliary material

  • Onion

  • 5g
  • ] Ginger 5g
  • garlic 5g



  • Sheng 3g
  • Chicken Essence 1g
  • Douban sauce [ 123] 2G
  • Micro spicy flavor

Burning process

Ten minutes takes time


  • 青椒肉丝的做法步骤

1[ 123] Wash the green pepper and drain the water and cut it into shredded.

  • 青椒肉丝的做法的做法步骤:1

    The processed meat is cut into shreds, add salt, chicken essence, old soy sauce, egg white raw powder gives the meat to the meat Silk code flavor.

  • 青椒肉丝的做法的做法步骤:2

    Pour an appropriate amount of oil in the pot, heat it to about 150 degrees, and slide the shredded pork. Stay on the green onion ginger and garlic in the pot. Add a little bean paste and stir -fry the red oil and add the green pepper to stir fry.

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