The practice of golden yellow dumplings_How to make golden dumplings


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The characteristics of dumplings are thin skin fillings Tender, delicious, unique in shape, tireless food. The types of raw materials for dumplings are complete, the cooking method ensures less nutrition, and it is in line with the connotation of Chinese color and fragrance. The long -established folk eating is welcomed by the people. The folks have the saying \”delicious dumplings\”. Every New Year’s festival, dumplings have become an indispensable dish for time. \”

] The details of the ingredients

Main ingredients

  • Flour
  • A moderate amount

  • Pumpkin 1 kg [1 kg [ 123]
  • Pork 1.5 kg


round bag


  • Carrot
  • Half pound

  • ingredients




A moderate amount

  • Chicken Essence A moderate amount
  • MSG

  • A moderate amount
  • A moderate amount

  • Original flavor Cooking process

A consumption of time

] Simple difficulty

  • The practice of golden yellow dumplings


] 1. Cut the pumpkin into slices and steam it in the pot.

  • 金黄饺子的做法步骤:1


    2. Crush the steamed pumpkin into mud.

  • 金黄饺子的做法步骤:2


    3. Pour pumpkin puree and flour into the pot.

  • 金黄饺子的做法步骤:3 4

    4. Add an appropriate amount of water and dough.

  • 金黄饺子的做法步骤:4 5

    5. Cut the carrots and round vegetables into shredded and chop the pork.123]

  • 6 金黄饺子的做法步骤:5 6. Put the carrot and round vegetable shreds in the pot and simmer the water, and then fish dry the water to dry the waterEssencePut the pork and carrot shreds in the pot in the pot, and put in salt, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, and thirteen incense.

  • 7 金黄饺子的做法步骤:6 7. Roll the dough into a dumpling skin, take a piece of dumpling leather to the palm of the hand, put the meat fillingPut it in the dumpling skin.Fold the dumpling skin and cooperate with both hands, and press the dumpling skin on both sides of the hand.

  • 8 金黄饺子的做法步骤:7 8. Boil dumplings: boil the water in the pan, put the dumplings, push it with a spoon to avoid sticking to the pan,Cover with the lid and boil, add a small bowl of cold water, cover the lid and boil, pour in a small bowl of cold water, boil it again and cook for about a minute.La!


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